sutherland Global Services Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Nisha updated on Jun 2019


SUTHERLAND Test Paper    Friends I attended Sutherland walk-in on 29.9.08, for technical support executives, in Santhome, at Chennai. First there will be an online registration, and then the next round will be the communication skill round, you will be selected if your communication skill is good. Then the next round will be the online test, here are some questions which I got.

The analytical section consists of 20 questions, time 20 minutes, all were simple only.
1.Find the next number in the series 5, 20, 24, 6, 2, 8, ?
2.If a car covers 300 miles in 2 hrs, then what is the velocity of the car?
3.If a gold chain is broken into 3 pieces, then how many number of openings required to make a full chain again.
4.What is 10% of 50?
5.If RANGE is coded as 12345, RANDOM is coded as 123678, the how can PAKISTAN as?
6.Which one is greater 71/8, 3/4, 7/9?
8.A lady points out the man and said “this man mother is the only daughter of my mother”, then how is the lady relates to the man?
9.My father has three sisters, and each children of my grand father having two children each. Then how many cousins I have?
10.If MANGO is coded as 82347 then ……….. is coded as?(I forgot this )
11.2268                                                                                                                     8820                                                                                                                     1512                                                                                                                           
What is the answer of the division of the addition of all three rows by the first row?

This section also consists of 20 questions in 20 minutes, somewhat difficult only.

If you clear the above two online test then there will be a typing test of 2 minutes, the accuracy should be more than 90%,and total words typed per minute is 25.

If you clear the above three rounds then there will be a written test round, here you will be asked to write about a topic for about fifteen to twenty lines.NOTE: Those who are not having the HR reference won’t clear this round.

Final round will be the HR round.
NOTE: friends, from my experience I can say, being a fresher, for this technical support executive job, if u have the employee reference or the HR reference means you can easily clear the communication skill round. But you will get job, only if you are having the HR reference or your communication and technical knowledge are extraordinary good.