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SSBVerbal OIR Test Set 1
Note : There is no negative marking
           Test Duration is 30 minutes
           All questions carry equal marks

Directions (QNo.1 - 7)    Select the related letters/word/number from the given alternatives.
1.    Botany : Plants : Entomology : ?
a)    Birds
b)    Plants
c)    Insects            (Ans)
d)    Snakes

2.    Parliament :Great Britian : : Congress : ?
a)    Japan
b)    India
c)    USA            (Ans)
d)    Netherland

3.    Flow : River : : Stagnant : ?
a)    Pool            (Ans)
b)    Rain
c)    Stream
d)    Canal

4.    AZBY : DWEV : : HSIR : ?
a)    JQKO
b)    KPOL
c)    KPLO            (Ans)
d)    KOLP

5.    AKU : ? : : DWEV : DNX
a)    BGL
b)    BLQ
c)    BGQ
d)    BLV            (Ans)

6.    68 : 130 : : : ? : 350
a)    240
b)    222            (Ans)
c)    216
d)    210

7.    48 : 122 : :  168 : ?
a)    292
b)    290            (Ans)
c)    225
d)    215

Directions (Q. Nos. 8-12) Select the one which is different from the other three responses.
8.      (a) Sweet
b)            Bitter
c)           Salty
d)           Insipid            (Ans)

9.    a)    Lion
b)          Goat
c)          Tortoise
d)          Centaur             (Ans)

10.    a)  Square
b)           Circle            (Ans)
c)           Rectangle
d)           Triangle

11.    a)    AJKL
b)            IBCD
c)            ORQP            (Ans)
d)            UFGH

12.    a)    DEB
        b)    RTP            (Ans)
        c)    HIF
        d)    NOL

13.    Find out the set of numbers amongst the four sets of numbers given in the alternatives which is most like the set given in the question Given set (3, 18, 36)
a)      (2, 10, 16)
b)      (12, 72, 96)
c)      (4, 24, 48)            (Ans)
d)      (6, 42, 48)

14.    How many meaningful English words can be made with the letters ESLA using each letter only once in each word.
a)     None
b)     One
c)     Two            (Ans)
d)     Three

15.   MO is related to PR in the same way as BD is related to
a)    FG  
b)    FH
c)    EF
d)    EG             (Ans)

16.  Three of the following four are alike in a certain way and hence form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to the group ?
a)    Jupiter
b)    Mars
c)    Uranium
d)    Earth             (Ans)

17.   Among P, M, R, T and J each having a different height, J is taller than R and T and shorter than P and M, Who among them is the tallest ?
a)     P 
b)    M
c)    P or M              (Ans)
d)    R

18.   In a certain code 'MEAN' is written as '5123', and 'NOW' is written '368', How is 'MOAN' written in that code.
a)    5623            (Ans)
b)    5263
c)    5823
d)    5683

19.   In a certain code 'DOMAIN' is written as 'NPEOJB',  How is 'STREAM'    written in that code .
a)    QSRNBF   
b)    SUTNBF            (Ans)
c)    SUTFBN
d)    TUSNBF

20.  If the position of the letters in the word 'ORGANISE' are rearranged in such a way that the position of the first and the second letters are interchanged, similarly third and fourth letters are interchanged and so on. Which of the following letters will be the third form the right end after the rearrangement.
a)    N            (Ans)
b)    1
c)    R
d)    A

21.  B is brother of D, D is sister of F, M is brother of F. How is F related to B ?
a)    Brother
b)    Sister  
c)    brother or Sister            (Ans)
d)    Cousin

22.   If R is coded as 2, T is coded as 4, M is coded as 5, J is coded as 3, W is coded as 6 then which of the following represents the code of TJWR ?   
a)    4625
b)    4526
c)    4325
d)    None of these             (Ans)

23.  If the vowels in the word ROUTINE are first arranged in alphabetical order followed by the consonants in alphabetical order, which of the following will be fourth for the right end after the rearrangement ?
a)    N
b)    U            (Ans)
c)    T
d)    O

24.   Apple is related to Gruit in the same way as Marigold is related to
a)    Fruit
b)    Flower            (Ans)
c)    Seed
d)    Stem

25.  In a certain code language 'simple interest' is written as 'te ne', interest free is written as 'te ja' and 'free loan' is written as 'ja pa'. How is 'loan' written in that code language ?
a)    pa            (Ans)
b)    ja
c)    te
d)    ne

26.   Mohit correctly remember that his mother's birthday is after 12th and before 17th of February whereas his sister remembers correctly that their mother's birthday is after 10th but before 14th February. On which day of February was their mother's birthday ?
a)    15th
b)    16th
c)    13th             (Ans)
d)    None of these

27.   Find out the set of numbers amongst the four sets of numbers given in the alternatives which is most like the set given in the question. Given set (3, 18, 36)
a)     (2, 10, 16) 
b)    (12, 72, 96)
c)    (4, 24, 48)            (Ans)
d)    (6, 42, 48)

28.  Arrange the following words according to the Dictionary :
1)    Sound ,     2)    Socks,  3)    Shock, 4)    Sharp, 5)    Snooker
a)    5,4,3,1,2
b)    4,3,5,2,1            (Ans)
c)    3,4,5,1,2
d)    4,3,2,5,1

29.  Which one of the given responses would be a meaningful order of the following  ?
1.Seed    2.Flower    3.Soil    4.Plant    5.Fruit
a)    4,2,5,1,3
b)    2,5,4,1,3
c)    3,2,1,5,4
d)    3,1,4,2,5            (Ans)

30.  Which one set of letters when sequentially placed at the gaps in the given letter series shall complete it ?
a)   IHJI            (Ans)
b)   HIHI
c)   IHIJ
d)   HJHJ

Directions (Q.No.s 31-33) Find the missing number/letters in the series.
31.   DHL, PTX, BFJ, ?
a)     NRV              (Ans)
b)     RVZ
c)     CGK
d)     KOS

32.  22,    24,    28,     ?     52,    84
a)    46 
b)    36            (Ans)
c)    38
d)    42

33.   3,    7,    23,    95,    ?
a)    575 
b)    479            (Ans)
c)    128
d)    62

34.  A sister of B, B is the brother of C, C is the son of D. How is D related to A ?
a)    Mother
b)    Daughter
c)    Son            (Ans)
d)    Uncle

35.  Heavier coins are costlier. Ram's coin is heavier than Mohan's and costlier than Ramesh's. Naresh's coin is costlier than Ram's but lighter than Yogesh's. Ramesh's coin is costlier than Mohan's. So who is the owner of the costlier coin ?
a)    Ram
b)    Ramesh
c)    Yogesh            (Ans)
d)    Naresh

36.  A word given in Capital Letters is followed by four answer words. Out of these only one cannot be formed using the letters of the given word. Find out that word. ADMINISTRATION
a)    Mind 
b)    Ration
c)    Minister            (Ans)
d)    Station

37.  If A = 2, M=26 and Z = 52, then BET = ?
a)    44
b)    54            (Ans)
c)    64
d)    72

38.  Sohan started from point X and travelled forward 8km up to point Y, then turned towards right and travelled 5 km up to point Z, then turned right and travelled 7 km up to point A and then turned towards right and travelled 5km up to B. What is the distance between points B and X ?
a)    1 km            (Ans)
b)    2 km
c)    3 km
d)    4 km

39.  Fertilizer consumption in India in 1984-85 was 8.21 MT. By 1990 it was 13.75 MT and by 2000 it is expected to reach 16 MT. What is your conclusion ?
a)    Fertilizer consumption is steady 
b)    There is a steady decrease in fertilizer consumption
c)    Fertilizer consumption does not show any trend
d)    There is a steady increase of fertilizer consumption            (Ans)

40.   All guilty politicians were arrested. Tom and Gopal were among those arrested.
a)    Tom and Gopal were guilty             (Ans)
b)    Tom and Gopal were not politicians
c)    All arrested people are politicians
d)    All politicians are guilty

41.   If '+' stands for Multiplication, ' x ' stands for Division, '-' stands for Addition and '÷' stands for Subtraction, what would the following equation stand for ?
20 - 8 x 4 ÷ 3 + 2
a)    41    
b)    19
c)    16            (Ans)
d)    18

42.   In a particular way of coding the word CENTRAL is coded as ABCDEFG and PLANETARIUM as HGFCBDFEIJK. With the same coding how can we express the word LANTERN ?
a)     GFCDFEG 
b)    GFCDBEC            (Ans)
c)     GFCDEFG
d)     GFCDBEB

43.  Find the odd one out :    441, 484, 529, 566, 625
a)    484
b)    529
c)    625
d)    586            (Ans)

44.  What should come next in the letter series AABABCABCDABCDEABCDEF?
a)     B 
b)     G
c)     D
d)     A             (Ans)

45.   In a row of 25 children Nayan is 14th from the right end. Arun is 3rd to the left of Nayan I the row . What is Arun's position from the left end of the row ?
a)    8th  
b)    9th             (Ans)
c)    17th
d)    10th