SSB Placement Paper Contributed by Girish updated on May 2020
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                                                   SSB Placement Paper

Screening Test: Intelligence Test (Verbal)

1. Which of the following words are incorrectly spelt ?
(a) Separate
(b) Ordnance
(c) Success
(d) None of these

2. Choose the pair of words that best completes the sentence.
The ............. of the timetable caused some ............
(a) rivision (A) inconvenince
(b) revision (B) inconvenience 
(c) revission (C) inconvenience
(d) revition (D) inconvenience

(Qns 3-5)Which of these words completes the sentence in the way that makes most sense ?

3. A spirit-level should be used to ensure that the surface is ............. .
(a) straight
(b) flat
(c) horizontal 
(d) parallel
(e) aligned

4. He avoided ............ because he was .............. .
(a) redundant
(b) indispensable
(c) redundancy
(d) indispensible
Ans : c,d

5. The plan must be .......... to make the project ............... .
(a) probable
(b) revive
(c) revised
(d) feasible
Ans : c,d

Related Word Questions:
To answer this, you need to understand word relationship or precise meaning of the words in the question and establish what exactly the relationship is between them. You should then look at the answer options and decide which one is the most appropriate. These questions test your reasoning ability as well as your vocabulary.

Which of these is the missing word ?

6. Kick, ............., walk.
(a) throw
(b) toes
(c) shin
(d) feet 
(e) hand
Answer : Feet are used for both kicking and walking.

7. Key, ............., walk.
(a) lock
(b) stand
(c) board 
(d) fob
(e) stone
Answer : Board forms the words 'keyboard and 'boardwalk'.

8. Water, ............., over.
(a) ice
(b) derive
(c) wet
(d) flow
(e) fall 
Answer : Fall forms 'waterfall' and 'fall over'.

Synonym and Antonym Questions:
These are words which have either the same or opposite meanings. These word meaning questions test your vocabulary-you need to know the precise meaning of the words given in order to select the appropriate synonym (same meaning).

9. Which two of these words are apposite in meaning ?
(a) Lose
(b) Winner
(c) Victor
(d) Loser
(e) Vanquish
Ans : (b,d) are exact opposites.

10. Which of these words is odd one out ?
(a) Swindle 
(b) Harass
(c) Provoke
(d) Annoy
(e) Pester
Answer : The others are synonyms.

11. Which of these words is odd one out ?
(a) Verify
(b) Authenticate
(c) Confirm
(d) Ask 
(e) Substantiate
Answer : The others are synonyms.

Word Pair Questions:
Firstly, you need to establish the relationship between 'X is to Y' words before you can arrive at the answer. Some people find it helpful to mentally express the relationship before they look at the answer option. This can short circuit the process of considering and rejecting each option because you know in advance exactly what you are looking for.

12. Dog is to canine as wolf is to .................... .
(a) vulpine
(b) ursine 
(c) piscine
(d) bovine
(e) lupine

13. Sadness is to happiness as defeat is to ........... .
(a) joy
(b) victory 
(c) tears
(d) victor
(e) None of these

14. Paper is made from timber, as ............ is made from hide.
(a) tree
(b) seek
(c) ox
(d) animal
(e) leather 

Comprehension Questions:
These questions consist of a short passage and some related questions. They will often be about a topic which is unfamiliar to you, but this is an advantage rather than a disadvantage because you need to answer the questions based only on the information that you are given-not using any knowledge that you already have. Most people find the best way to tackle these verbal comprehension question is to scan the text fairly quickly to get the general idea and then to attempt each question in turn, referring back to the appropriate part of the text.

15. Read the following short passage and say whether or not the statements are true. There are seven species of deer living wild in Britain. The Red Deer and the Roe Deer are are native species. Fallow Deer were introduced by the Romans and since the seventeenth century, have been joined by three other non-native species Sika, Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer which have escaped from parks. In addition, a herd of Reindeer was established in Scotland in 1952. Most of the Red Deer in Britain are found in Scotland, but there are significant wild populations in South-West and North-West England, East Anglia and the North Midlands. Red deer can interbreed with the introduced Japanese Sika deer and in some areas, hybrids are common.

i. All of the Red Deer in Britain are found in Scotland.
(a) True
(b) False 
(c) Can't say

ii. Red Deer can interbreed with fallow Deer.
(a) True
(b) False
(c) Can't say

iii. The Fallow Deer is not native to Britain.
(a) True
(b) False
(c) Can't say

iv. There are no Reindeer in England.
(a) True
(b) False
(c) Can't say

Note : That you must answer these verbal comprehension questions using only the information supplied. Red Deer cannot interbreed with Fallow Deer but, because this is not stated in the text, you must answer 'can't say' even if know that the statements is technically false.

Reasoning Questions:
These questions are not concerned with measuring your fluency with English. They are designed to test your ability to take a series of facts expressed in words and to understand and manipulate the information to solve a specific problem.

16. Working together, Tom, Dick and Harry need 9 h to paint a 400 m long fence. Working alone, Tom could complete the task in 18 h. Dick cannot work as fast and needs 36 h to paint the fence by himself. If Tom and Dick take the day off, how long will it take Harry to paint the fence by himself ?
(a) 9 h
(b) 12 h
(c) 18 h
(d) 36 h
Answer : In 9 h, Tom would have painted half of the fence and Dick would have painted one quarter of it. This leaves one quarter to be painted by Harry who must work at the same speed as Dick.

Coding is a method of transmitting a message between the sender and the receiver that no third person can understand. These questions are designed to test your mental ability to grasp the logic and decode the coded words.

17. If 'ZYXW' is coded as 'ABCD' then 'STUV' will be coded as
Solution: Z - A, Y - B, X - C, W - D
V - E, U - F, T - G, S - H

18. If 'bcd' is coded as 'def' then 'True' is coded as
Solution: b - d (+2)
c - e (+2)
d - f (+2)
+2 letters are considered in this code.
True - Vtwg

19. If 'Hyderabad' is coded as 'lxedszcze' then 'Chennai' is coded as
Solution: H - I (+1), y - x (1-), d - e (1+), e - d (1-), r - s (1+), a - z (1-), b - c (1+), a - z (1-), d - e (1+)
Chennai - Dgfmozj

20. Apple is coded as 25563, Rung is coded as 7148. Then purple is coded as
Solution: Purple - 517563

21. In a language A is coded as 1, B is coded as 2, ........... then FACE is coded as
Solution: FACE = 6135

22. PUSH is coded as 1234, ROUGH is coded as 65274. Then SOUP is coded as
Solution: SOUP = 3521

23. 'book' is coded as 'pencil', 'pencil' is coded as 'mirror', 'mirror is coded as 'book'. Then what is useful to write on a paper ?
Solution: Pencil is coded as mirror.

24. 'man is coded as 'woman', woman is coded as 'girl', is coded as 'boy', 'boy' is coded as 'worker' then 6 years old female is known as ?
Solution: 6 years female = girl, but 'girl' is coded as 'boy' ; Answer = boy.

25. 'reds' are 'blues', 'blues' are 'whites', 'whites' are 'yellows', 'yellows' are 'oranges', 'oranges' are 'pinks', then what is the colour of the sky ?
Solution: Sky is blue, but blues are whites so colour of sky is white.

Direction Sense Test:
In these questions, we will see persons or things moving in E, W, N, S directions from an initial point. We have to plot the diagram for their movements and give the appropriate solutions to the given questions.

26. A man walks 5 km East and turns left, then he walks 7 km and turns right and walks 3 km, then turns right and walks 7 km. Find the shortest distance he traveled and find the direction he is now form the starting point ?
The shortest distance, he traveled from the starting point is 5 km + 3 km = 8 km.
The direction, from the starting point is East.

27. A car travels 2.5 km towards South, then turns left and travels 7.5 km and then turns left and travels 15 km and then turns left and travels 7.5 km. Find the distance and direction of the car with respect to the starting point?
Solution :
The final position of the car is North direction with respect to the starting point.
The distance from the starting point = 15 km - 2.5 km = 12.5 km

28. A Town T1, is centre of the four other towns T2, T3, T4 and T5. They are in the direction East, West, South and North respectively from T1. Find the direction of T4 from T2?
Solution :T4 is in West-South direction.

29. A person travels 12 km towards North and turns left and travels 5 km. Find the direction and distance, he is now from the starting point ?
Solution : He is in the North-West direction.
Distance from the starting point = ?122 + 52 = ?144 + 25