Sonata Software Ltd Interview Experience Contributed by Ramya updated on Aug 2019

                         Sonata Software - Candidate's Experience


Hi I'm Ramya sharing my Sonata Software campus recruitment experience.

The screening test had 4 sections, containing the topics as below.


Synonyms & antonyms. Sentence correction. Paragraph based questions.

Logical ability:

Alphabet and number series. Blood relations. Directions. Analytical puzzles


Ratio proportions. Time and distance, Relative speed. time and work. Profit and loss, Discount. Percentages. Probability. Permutations and combinations.

About only 200-300 (both the colleges combined) must have appeared for the test since it happened during vacation. 74 students were shortlisted for the two rounds (TR, HR) of interviews.

I was called in for the first round. The lady took my resume and scanned carefully from beginning to end. Then she asked:

* Tell me about yourself. I told. In response to one of my hobbies she asked what was the recent book u have read and she even asked me to explain briefly the whole story. I did.

* Then she asked me what are were your 4-1 subjects. (Gave her the list of subjects among which Management Science was one);

* What did you learn from Management Science and why do you like it?

* What are the three oop principles?

* How can you implement multiple inheritance. (By using Interface)

* Implement various aspects of college as interfaces. (I wrote some pseudo code and explained her)

* Explain your mini project. What were the difficulties faced? (I told lack of time was the difficulty as we had to attend other drives as well.)

* How many interviews did you face and how many you got? (faced 3 and got in 3)

* Then why are you attending this when you are already placed? (told 2 points that I heard in the Pre placement talk).

She asked if I wanted to ask anything. I asked y women specific drive? (She explained).

After a while I was called in for HR.

This was kind of rapid fire.

* Tell me 2 things that best describe u. (positive attitude and to give up till i succeed)
* Give a situation to support this. (Explained)
* Why did you join in GNITS? (Explained)
* Why are you attending Sonata when you are already placed(Infosys, Accenture, Tech Mahindra)?

* Honestly tell me which company would you choose if you get in Sonata as well.
I replied honestly, that I'd choose Infosys and also explained him the reason.

* Would you like to ask any questions?
I asked him for how long has he been with Sonata. (He explained)
Well that was the end.

I got selected though I told I'd choose Infosys. He was only testing my honesty. :D.