SIEMENS Interview-Tech Interview Contributed by Hasim bakshi updated on May 2019

                                                 Siemens Interview Questions

Siemens technical + hr interview covers logical questions and other computer science concept and Questions from C and C++

Siemens Technical Interview Questions

* Can you write the code of your project?

* Why no reverse method in string?

* How is a semaphore different from an ordinary variable?

* How can a deadlock occur in UNIX?

* What kind of an operating system is UNIX? (Multitasking, etc, etc.)

* What kind of an operating system is Microsoft Windows?(Multiuser, etc, etc.)

* How is is a keystroke interpreted in Microsoft Windows?(Event, message, etc. etc.)

* Which data structures are used in Dynamic memory allocation? (Trees, singly linked list, doubly linked list, etc.)

* Few questions on Xwindows.

* What is an RDBMS? (Codd's Rules)

* What is a transaction?

* What is void pointer

* Few more questions on SQL statements and RDBMS.

* Few questions on travesing TREEs

* What is a Router? What are its functions?

* What is the difference between a Router and a Bridge?

* What are the layers in ISO OSI model in order?

* how to check the induction motor if multi meter & meger are not avaliable?

* If were to write a function to tell if the number is odd or even, how would u code it

* The output of the below program is ____
struct base 
{int a,b;
int virtual function1();}

struct derv1:base
{int b,c,d;
int virtual function1();}

struct derv2 : base
{int a,e;}





base ba;
derv1 d1,d2;
printf("%d %d",d1.a,d1.b)

Siemens HR Interview Questions
(HR round covers your General, educational, background, interest, Skills, Achievements, technical details etc.......)

* Please introduce yourself

* What are your interests strengths and weaknesses.?

* What do you want to improve about yourself.?

* Why should we hire you over any other applicant?
(explain the qualities you posses with an example to demonstrate it)

* What are the expectations?

* Why do you want to work for us?

* What do you know about our company?

* How would you apply your experience in our company?

* How long you stay here if you selected?

* Why do you want to work for Siemens?

* Would you relocate ?

* What is your expected salary?