SEBI Computer-Knowledge-GK Contributed by Suman Bhattacharyya updated on Jun 2019

                                                          SEBI Selection Procedure


SEBI Recruitment For Information Systems Officers(Technical Stream) - April 26th , 2015 Location : Kolkata 

Questions Pattern : 

1) Reasoning - 40 Questions - 50 Marks 
2) Quant - 40 Questions - 50 Marks 
3) English - 40 Questions - 50 Marks 
4) General Awareness - 40 Questions - 50 Marks 
5) Professional Knowledge - 40 
Questions - 100 Marks Total Marks : 300 . 
Total Time : 2 Hours. 
Note : Negative of 1/4th of the value of the question wrongly answered. 

Types of Questions : 

1) Reasoning : Syllogism. Coded Inequalities. Seating Arrangements. Data Sufficiency. Blood Relations. Coding Decoding. Cause and Action. Strengthening and Weakening Arguments.

2)Quant : Huge emphasis on number systems. Profit and Loss. Speed Time and Distance. Time and Work. Charts-Bar,Table,Pie 

3)English : A passage had to be read based on which a few questions were asked. Finding the incorrect part of a given sentence. Arranging jumbled sentences in correct order. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word. 

4)General Awareness : Around 10 Banking related Questions related to terms : Basis Points,CRR,SLR,Repo Rate,RBI Remaining 30 questions based on current affairs/GK : Currency, Capital City. Author, Sports, Chief Ministers of Different States. Awards related to sports and cinema, Committees set up recently. 

5)Professional Knowledge : Networking : 40% Databases : 40% Project Management Best Practices : 10% Others(C++/Java/OS/Unix): 10% 
i) Networking : DHCP , Denial Of Service , Protocols , Network Security, Cryptography , Abbreviations , Roles of different personnel in cyber security. 
ii) C++ inline functions , difference between C & C++ . Java Inner classes . There were no coding(find the o/p) questions. All theoretical . You just need to know what inline functions , inner classes are to answer the questions. 
iii) Project Management Best Practices. eg: What should be done first to create a webapp / disaster recovery plan ... 
iv) Databases & ERP : Triggers , Joins . Again , no coding questions. just theoretical knowledge required to answer the question. Some ERP related questions. SAP REA , BI basics. 
v) Unix commands and basis OS . vi>Some basic computer awareness. Strong theoretical grasp required to answer the questions. No questions related to coding / Find the o/p type. No mathematical calculation required in professional knowledge. Entirely theory based.