SCI-Shipping-Corp-India Paper Contributed by Renjith updated on May 2020
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SCI Paper |   4016

                              Shipping Corporation Of India Model Question Paper

1. Which of the following sorting procedure is the slowest?
a. Quick Sort
b. Heap Sort
c. Shell Sort
d. Bubble Sort

2. Seema and Rajat start together from a point. They walk 10 kms toward North. Seema turns to her left and walks 5 kms, while Rajat turns right and walks only 3 kms. Now Seema turns towards her left and Rajat towards his right and both walk 15 kms forward. How far are they from each other?
a. 2 kms
b. 8 kms
c. 13 kms
d. 15 kms

3. A and B can do a work in 60 days which B & C can do in 45 days and C & A in 90 days. All the three working together will do it in how many days?
a. 20 days
b. 60 days
c. 40 days
d. 90 days

4. Who was also called as ‘Gurudev’?
a. Mahatma Gandhi
b. Lala Lajpat Rai
c. Rabindranath Tagore
d. Lal Bahadur Shastri

5. Choose the word that is nearly the SAME in meaning as the given word: Meander
a. Travel
b. Run
c. Walk
d. Wander at random

6. ‘Form 16 of the ESI act, 1948, refers to -
a. Employee payment
b. Sick leave particulars
c. Accident report
d. Compensation paid

7. Find the missing term in the series. 2816, ?, 176, 44, 11
a. 704
b. 1408
c. 352
d. 2640

8. The length and breadth of a rectangular piece of land are in ratio of 5 : 3. The owner spent Rs. 3000 for surrounding it from all the sides at Rs. 7.50 per metre. The difference between its length and breadth is –
a. 50 m
b. 100 m
c. 150 m
d. 200 m

9. Yuan is the currency of which country?
a. Japan
b. North Korea
c. China
d. South Korea

10. Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word. I ___________ full faith in him.
a. proposed
b. imposed
c. deposed
d. reposed

11.The steel used for rail contains two important constituents
(a)carbon and silicon
(b)sulphur and silicon
(c)carbon and magnanese
(d)manganese and phosphorus

12. Wear on top or head of rail occurs due to
a) heavy axle load
b) abrasion of rolling wheels
c) constant break application
d) all of the above

13. Life history of a person written by another:

14.One who forcibly takes control of a bus or an aircraft:

15.The place where public, government or historical records are kept: