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Rites Ltd I appeared for RITES ltd. exam(Computer science engg.) on 25th Nov'12 , in LUCKNOW .Rites ltd Written test consists 2 parts,Rites Ltd paper consists Technical questions based on stremas 50 Questions Non Technical Part consists  GK Reasoning questions and Descriptive questions

Following is the short description of questions:

Rites Ltd Paper was divided into 2 parts

i)Objective(100Q ,100Marks,90Minutes)

ii)Subjective(15Questions,Attempt any 10,8 marks each)


Technical(50Q): Covered all ares like OS,C/C++ , Datastructure,CN(All Average ques.)

Mostly questions are from Automata,compiler

Non-Technical(50Q): Gk,Reasoning(Series completion,blood relation,direction test)

Descriptive(15Q,Attempt any 10):

1)Prims Algo,Find minimum spanning tree of given graph.

2)BST,construct BST for given nodes

3)Condition of overflow and underflow for addition and subtraction in 2's compliment form.

4)K-map simplification

5)Convert mealy to moore machine

6)Implementing a function using 4:1 multiplexer.

7)Construct a PDA to accept equal no. of 1's and 0's.

8)Flow control in transport layer, Explain sliding window protocol

9)Banker's algo numerical

10)Paging & Demand paging,numerical on effective access time.

11)Write 4 DB queries for given relations.

12)Lossless decompostion in DB

13)Mapping b/w cache and main memmory of given sizes using 2 way set associative.

14)Compare 10BaseT,100BaseT,Gigabit ethernet.