POWERGRID Question Papers - POWERGRID Interview Questions and Answers updated on Aug 2019

POWERGRID Question Papers - POWERGRID Interview Questions and Answers updated on Aug 2019

POWER GRID CORPORATION OF INDIA LIMITED (POWERGRID), the Central Transmission Utility (CTU) of the country under Ministry of Power, is engaged in power transmission business with the responsibility for planning, coordination, supervision and control over inter-State transmission system and operation of National & Regional Power Grids. As on March 31, 2012, the Company owns and operates about 94,185 ckt kms of transmission lines at 800/765kV, 400kV, 220kV & 132kV EHVAC & +500kV HVDC levels and 154 sub-stations with transformation capacity of about 1,31,025MVA. This gigantic transmission network, spread over length and breadth of the country, is consistently maintained at an availability of over 99%.

POWER GRID at a glance
Incorporated in 1989 for Transmission of Electric Power across the country.
Central Transmission Utility - Navaratna PSU.
World's Leading Power Transmission Utility.
Technology Leader in EHVAC & HVDC Transmission.
Pioneering UHVAC 1200kV Transmission System.
Carries about 50% of Generated Power Across Country with Transmission System as on 30 June 2012, comprising
95,009 Ckt. kms Transmission line.
155 EHVAC/HVDC Substations.
1,36,358 MVA Transformation Capacity.
28,000 MW(Approx) Inter-regional Power Transfer Capacity.

Telecom National Long Distance (NLD) operator & Internet Service Provider with about 25000 Km Optical Fibre Network. 

POWERGRID is a listed Company, with presently 69.42% holding of Government of India and the balance 30.58% is held by Institutional Investors and public.

POWERGRID is playing a strategic role in Indian Power Sector development by establishing & maintaining the power transmission infrastructure which carries around 50% of total power generated in the country. POWERGRID has been instrumental in efficient, reliable and smooth grid operation and management in the country, which since 2009, has been entrusted to Power System and Operation Corporation limited (POSOCO, a wholly owned subsidiary of POWERGRID).

POWERGRID was incorporated in 1989 and based on its impeccable performance, POWERGRID was soon categorised as the Miniratna Category–I PSU by GoI w.e.f. Oct’98. Further, recognizing the role of POWERGRID in the overall development of transmission and power sector, Govt. of India has conferred Navratna status to POWERGRID w.e.f. 1st May, 2008.

POWERGRID is committed for environment preservation and sustainable development. Though transmission projects are non-polluting, the Company developed a detailed corporate strategy document “Environmental and Social Policy and Procedures (ESPP)” in 1998 and has upgraded it from time to time through wide consultations with social bodies, local communities, Govt agencies, etc. in line with the best International practices. The policy outlines the Company’s approach and commitment to deal with environment and social issues, relating to transmission projects, and lays out management procedures and protocols to address the same. The policy and the initiatives taken by the Company for sustainable development of transmission system are applauded by the multilateral funding agencies like The World Bank & ADB and the same is applicable for all of its projects across the country. The Company has also been pro-active in bringing out the first ‘Sustainability Report’ in power sector, for measuring, disclosing and being accountable to internal and external stakeholders promoting excellence in for organizational performance and towards sustainable development.

Establishment of National Grid

POWERGRID has planned to create a strong and vibrant National Grid in the country in a phased manner to ensure optimum utilization of generating resources, conserve eco-sensitive right of way and accommodate uncertainty of generation plants. Strengthening of National Grid is planned in a phased manner through consolidation of inter-regional connection framework so as to support the anticipated generation capacity programme of about 50,000MW during the XII Plan.

At the end of XI Plan, the Inter-regional power transfer capacity of National Grid stands at about 28,000 MW. Four power regions of the country namely, North-Eastern, Eastern, Western and Northern are now operating as one synchronous grid (same frequency). Southern Regional grid is connected to this synchronous grid through HVDC links.

Grid Management

In 1994, the Government of India entrusted POWERGRID with further responsibility of controlling the existing load despatch centres in the country with a view to achieve better grid management and operation. For improving the efficiency, POWERGRID modernised all the Regional Load Dispatch Centres (RLDCs) with the state-of-the-art Unified Load Despatch & Communication (ULDC) schemes at a cost of about ` 2,000 Crore. These modernised RLDCs are greatly contributing to bring quality and economy in operation of power system besides improving data availability, visibility and transparency. Indian Power Grids have not experienced any major grid disturbance during the last eight years. For overall co-ordination, National Load Despatch Centre (NLDC) was established in 2009. As per the Govt of India directive, a separate company ‘Power System Operation Corporation Limited’ (POSOCO), a wholly owned subsidiary of POWERGRID, was formed in 2009 and is entrusted with the responsibility of Grid Operation and Management.

Development of Transmission System for Independent Power Producers

In order to meet the growing power demand of the country, Government of India has envisaged Capacity Addition through private sector participation and a number of Independent Power Producers (IPPs) have been setting-up/ plans to set-up power generation plants of different capacity with various time schedules in the country. These power generation plants are mainly coming up in resource rich states, i.e. Odisha, Jharkhand, Sikkim, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh etc. and the power generated is required to be transmitted to load centres across the States and Regions.

Being the nodal agency for grant of Long Term Access (LTA) to private producers, the Company has undertaken development of high capacity transmission corridors for evacuation of large quantum of power from various IPP projects.

In order to evolve an economical transmission system to transfer such large quantum of power across long distances, 11 Nos. High Capacity Power Transmission Corridors have been planned and approved by CERC. These Transmission Corridors are coming up for IPPs situated in states of Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Implementation of these corridors has been taken up by the Company in a phased manner matching with progress of generation projects. This shall go a long way in integrated development of transmission system in the country.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

POWERGRID as a responsible corporate entity has taken up various programmes in different thrust areas like education, health, infrastructure development, games & sports etc for improving the standard and quality of life of local people, in and around its establishments as a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. For taking up regular CSR activities, one percent (1%) of Profit after Tax (PAT) for the preceding year has been earmarked as non lapsable budget. The efforts made by POWERGRID have been applauded and earned the goodwill of the local inhabitants.

Technological Development

In order to address issues such as conserving Right-of-Way (RoW), minimizing impact on natural resources, coordinated development of cost effective transmission corridor, flexibility in upgradation of transfer capacity of lines matching with power transfer requirement and for development of economic inter-State transmission system, POWERGRID has undertaken several technological innovations. These include high temperature low sag Conductors, series compensation including Thyristor Control, Multi Circuits, GIS Mapping, Compact & Tall Towers, High Surge Impedance Loading Lines, hotline maintenance, live line washing of insulators; use of emergency restoration system, large scale automation of sub-stations, etc.

The 1200kV UHV AC technology is being developed by POWERGRID for the first time in the world. This is one of the unique R&D projects in public-private partnership model. During FY2011-12, POWERGRID test-charged one 1200kV Single circuit test line of 1km alongwith one 1200 kV transformer and other equipment.. The introduction of Ultra High Voltage in the transmission system will enhance power transfer capability of the line and reduce transmission losses and minimise Right of Way requirement.

Implementation of ±800 kV, 6000 MW HVDC Bi-pole of length around 2000km from North Eastern region (Biswanath Chariali in the State of Assam) to Northern Region (Agra in the State of Uttar Pradesh) is under construction. This shall facilitate high quantum of power transfer. Once implemented, this shall be the longest ±800kV HVDC line in the world.

POWERGRID is taking leadership initiative for implementation of Smart Grid Technology in the country. In this direction, the Company has implemented Smart Grid Pilot Project using WAMS for the first time in India. “India Smart Grid Task Force”, headed by Mr Sam Pitroda, Adviser to Hon’ble Prime Minister on Public Information Infrastructure & Innovations, is the focal point for Government’s activities related to Smart Grid. Secretariat of this prestigious forum is now being operated by POWERGRID.

National High Power Test Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. (NHPTL), a Joint Venture Company of POWERGRID, NTPC, NHPC, DVC and CPRI, created in May, 2009 has been entrusted with the responsibility of establishing a fully independent, standalone, state of the art “On Line High Power Short Circuit Test Facility” at Bina (M.P.) in India. Under Phase-I at the cost of Rs. 298.64 Crore, the facilities are being created for short circuit testing of Power Transformers ranging from 11 kV to 765 kV class. On completion of Phase-I, NHPTL Lab would be a unique test facility of its kind in the world to facilitate short circuit testing of transformer upto 765kV.

Subsequently, the facilities will be extended for short circuit testing of Switchgears (Circuit Breakers) up to 550kV, 63 kA for Short-Circuits duties with synthetic methods (HPS-Lab) and the high current withstand capability of electrical equipment (HCLV-Lab) such as LV Bus Bar, LV Contacts, LV breakers, LV Disconnectors, LV switchgear, Bushings, CT, up to 400 kA rms with 1100 kA peak as per National (BIS) and International (IEC) Standards.

Smart City

POWERGRID recently took up the development of Smart City. This will include Smart Generation (Renewable and micro grid), Smart Transmission (Integration of Renewable Energy Sources, Synchrophasor Technology), Smart Distribution (Advance Metering Infrastructure, Outage, Peak Load and Power Quality Management, electric Vehicles and Energy Storage) and Smart Public Services (such as e-governance, e-education, m-Medical). A pilot project on such lines is being taken up in UT Pondicherry.

International Co-operation – Towards SAARC Grid

POWERGRID is playing an active role in preparing a roadmap for developing SAARC market for electricity on a regional basis to develop a cross country power-grid, harnessing each other’s capacities and resources in order to address the growing energy need in the region.

Presently, various interconnections exist between India & Nepal and between India & Bhutan. For evacuation of power from various upcoming HEPs in Bhutan, Punatsangchu-I HEP (in Bhutan)-Alipurduar (in India) 400kV D/c line between Bhutan & India is under implementation. Further, an asynchronous interconnection between India & Bangladesh through 500MW HVDC back-to-back terminal along with Bheramara (Bangladesh)- Baharampur (India) 400kV D/c is under implementation and expected to complete in early XII Plan. In addition, an interconnection between India and Sri Lanka through HVDC bipole link including submarine cable for sea portion is being finalised. Further, for bulk transfer of power, interconnection between India and Nepal through 400kV Dhalkebar (in Nepal) – Muzaffarpur (in India) D/c transmission line has been planned. The modalities for the implementation of the same are under finalization.


POWERGRID has acquired in-house expertise at par with global standards in the field of Planning, Design, Engineering, Load Despatch and Communication, Telecommunication, Contracts, Finance and Project Management and offers its services in these areas at national & international level. The Company has emerged as a strong player in transmission sector in South Asia, Middle-east Asia & African countries and is providing consultancy services. POWERGRID is keenly participating in projects funded by ADB, The World Bank, and other foreign organizations in various countries like Vietnam, China, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Tajikistan & Bangladesh. POWERGRID has also secured consultancy assignments in Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Nigeria and Dubai against stiff competition from international consultants.


POWERGRID diversified into Telecom business to utilize spare telecommunication capacity of its Unified Load Dispatch Centre (ULDC) schemes, leveraging its country wide transmission infrastructure. As a part of this, POWERGRID has installed over 25,000 km Telecom Network and connectivity has been provided to all metros, major cities & towns including State capitals in North-Eastern Region, Jammu & Kashmir, etc. Presently, POWERGRID is one of the few telecom players with a marked presence in remote areas and is providing highly reliable services to various customers. The Company has acquired IP-I, ISP ‘A’ and NLDO licences to provide a variety of services.

Further, POWERGRID has taken initiatives to lease its transmission tower infrastructure assets to telecom operators in order to add better business value to its existing telecom operation.

The Company is one of the implementing agencies for the prestigious National Knowledge Network project. The project envisages a gigantic 3 layer Telecom network of all knowledge centres across the country such as IITs, IISc, etc. on high speed connectivity.

Further, POWERGRID is also a part of prestigious National Optical Fibre Network project of Government of India along with BSNL, Rail Tel in its joint venture – Bharat Broadband Network Limited.

Awards and Accolades

POWERGRID has continuously met the challenging targets set under Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ministry of Power. MoU rating of the Company has consistently been in the highest bracket (“Excellent”) since signing of its first MoU with Ministry of Power upto 2009-10. The Company is poised to get “Excellent” rating for FY 2010-11 as well.

Further, Six projects of Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (POWERGRID) have recently bagged the prestigious National Awards for Meritorious Performance in Power Sector instituted by the Government of India for the year 2009-10 & 2010-11. POWERGRID received three Gold Shields and two Silver Shields for Transmission System Availability and one Silver Shield for Early Completion of Transmission Project.

POWERGRID achieved unique distinction of being First Power Utility and Second Company in the world to get certified with Integrated Management System (IMS) as per Publicly Available Specification, PAS 99:2006 integrating requirement of ISO 9001:2008 (Quality), ISO 14001:2004 (Environment) & OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System) after extensive audit. POWERGRID also stands audited for Social Accountability Standard, SA 8000:2008.

The Company was conferred with ‘MoU Excellence Award’ for FY 2008-09 by the Department of Public Enterprises, Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, and Govt of India for being the top performer in the Energy Sector. POWERGRID has been bestowed with ‘Scope Award for Excellence and Outstanding Contribution to the Public Sector Management (2008-09) – Large Scale PSE Category.
World Class, Integrated, Global Transmission Company With Dominant Leadership in Emerging Power Markets Ensuring Reliability, Safety and Economy.

We will become a Global Transmission Company with Dominant Leadership in Emerging Power Markets with World Class Capabilities by:

World Class: Setting superior standards in capital project management and operations for the industry and ourselves.
Global: Leveraging capabilities to consistently generate maximum value for all stakeholders in India and in emerging and growing economies.
Inspiring, nurturing and empowering the next generation of professionals.
Achieving continuous improvements through innovation and state of the art technology.
Committing to highest standards in health, safety, security and environment.

The Corporation has set following objectives in line with its mission and its status as "Central Transmission Utility" to:
Undertake transmission of electric power through Inter-State Transmission System.
Discharge all functions of planning and coordination relating to Inter-State Transmission System with-
(i) State Transmission Utilities;
(ii) Central Government;
(iii) State Government;
(iv) Generating Companies;
(v) Regional Power Committees;
(vi) Authority;
(vii) Licensees;
(viii) Any other person notified by the Central Government in this behalf.
Exercise supervision and control over the Inter-State Transmission System.
Efficient Operation and Maintenance of Transmission Systems.
Establish/augment and operate all Regional Load Despatch Centres and Communication facilities
Restoring power in quickest possible time in the event of any natural disasters like super-cyclone, flood etc. through deployment of Emergency Restoration Systems.
Provide consultancy services at national and international levels in transmission sector based on the in-house expertise developed by the organization.
Participate in long distance Trunk Telecommunication business ventures.
Ensure principles of Reliability, Security and Economy matched with the rising / desirable expectation of a cleaner, safer, healthier Environment of people, both affected and benefited by its activities.


Milestones Achieved

April 2012: POWERGRID adopted Vision and its new Mission.

November 2010: Successful listing of fresh equity shares on stock exchanges in India through Follow-on Public Offer.

March 2010: Ceritficate for Commencement of Business issued to Power System Operation Corporation Limited.

March 2009: POWERGRID`s wholly owned subsidiary, Power System Operation Corporation Limited, was incorporated.

February 2009: POWERGRID established National Load Despatch Centre (NLDC) at New Delhi.

May 2008 : POWERGRID was notified as a Navratna Company.

October 2007: POWERGRID`s Listing of Equity Shares on the Stock Exchanges.

December 1998: POWERGRID was notified as the Central Transmission Utility by the Government of India. POWERGRID continues to be the CTU under the Electricity Act, 2003 as per the notification issued by the GoI on November 27, 2003.

October 1998 : POWERGRID was notified as a Mini Ratna (Category I) company by the Government of India.

1996-1994: Control of the five regional load despatch and communication centres was transferred to POWERGRID in a phased manner. POWERGRID undertook the unified load despatch and communication project (“ULDC”) under which modernized load despatch facilities have been established in each of the five regional centres. The establishment of a national load despatch centre is also underway.

1994: The Government of India entrusted POWERGRID with the responsibility of controlling the existing load despatch centres in the country with a view to achieve better grid management and operation.

August 1993: The transmission assets of Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Limited are transferred to POWERGRID.

January 1993: The National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, the National Hydro Electric Power Corporation Limited and the North-Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited (Acquisition and Transfer of Power Transmission Systems) Ordinance (“Power Transmission Systems Ordinance”) was enacted , pursuant to which the right, title and interest of these three power generating companies in relation to the power transmission system, comprising of the main transmission lines, including the extra high voltage alternative current transmission lines and the HVDC lines, and sub-stations, owned by them, were acquired by the Government of India and transferred to Company, with effect from April 1, 1992

April 1992: Transmission assets of Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited were taken over by POWERGRID under the Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited (Acquisition and Transfer of Power Transmission System) Act, 1994.

April 1991: The transmission assets of Nuclear Power Corporation Limited were transferred to POWERGRID

For more detials:http://www.powergridindia.com

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