Planetasia Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Shakira updated on May 2020
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The test consisted of 65 questions to be answered in 65 mins …4 sections:
1)aptitude(15 q—15 mins)
2)c & data structures(15q—15 mins)
3)oops/c++/java(20q—-20 mins)

adjust ur own time for each section as the entire paper was given in the begining itself. negative marking was present (1/4)..different sets are there …but i think they all have the same questions arranged in different order… some of the questions which i can remember are as follows:i have given some answers but check it anyway..

1)If average age of father & his children is 12years,& it reduces by 5 when the father is excluded, what is the age of the father?
(a)40 (b)42 (c)50 (d)48

2)if a boat goes with the stream at a speed of 6kmph and against the stream at 4kmph,what is the speed of the stream?
(a)1kmph (b)2kmph (c)3kmph (d)…

3)complete the series:A,E,I,M,Q,U,__,__ ans:Y,C

4)if mary types 10pages in 5days, jolly types 5 pages in 10days,working together ,how many pages can they type in 30 days?
(a)…(b)12 (c)12.5 (d)….

5)a gardner doing job in so many days…some problem of this sort ..i dont remember the question:)

6)complete the series:1,3,7,13,21,31,?

7)if “PROMPT” is coded as “123456″ and something as “1234789″ is “MANGO” coded?
ans: replace each letter by the corresponding no in the given code to find what no stands for what letter…then write it for”MANGO” (easy)

8)if something(i dont remember the word) coded as “…” how is “PLAYER” coded?
ans: each letter is coded by writing the immediately next letter …so answer is (a)”QMBZFS”

9)if A speaks truth 80% of the times, B speaks truth 60 % of the times, find the probability that they both tell the truth simultaneously?
(a)0.8 (b)0.48 (c)… (d)0.14

10) a rectangular hall has length 12m & breadth 10m.if a verandah of 2m width surrounds(????this was how the question given!!) the hall, what is the area of the rectangle formed ?
(a)102sqm (b)…. (c) …(d)104sqm

11)A & B start a business with A investing Rs.3000 for 4 months & B invests Rs.2000 for 6 months what amount will A get ,if the profit gained is Rs.500?
(a)….(b)…(c)Rs.250 (d)Rs.350

12) if Ravi’s salary was reduced by what % should his salary be increased to get the same salary as before?
(a)25% (b)20% (c)33 1/3 % (d) 45%

13)a person moves 12 km south, then turns right & travels for 5km ..then he turns right for 15km & travels to the east for 5 far is he from the starting point?
(a)1km (b) 2km (c)3km (d)4km

14)if half life of a radioactive material =t seconds, after (t/2)seconds approximately what % of the material would have decayed?
(a)29% (b) 48% (c)… (d)…
ans:(a) …not sure…

15)in how much time, a train 100m long travelling at (some no was given) can overtake a train 200m long travelling at (some other speed)?
(a)75 seconds (b) 1min (c) 2min (d)….

16)Question was on fastest retrieval
ans)hash table almost 3 questions whose ans is hash table

17)how are calloc and malloc different?
(a)calloc initializes memory allocated,malloc doesnt
(b)malloc initializes memory allocated,calloc doesnt
(c)both of the above

18) what is the difference between pointer and reference variable
(a)pointer carries the address to a memory…reference carries the actual address
(b) reference carries the address to memory..pointer carries the actual address
(c)both are same
(d)none of these

19)which is machine dependent component of java

20)what is bitset?

21)one progarm was on trim operator of java

if (”string”==”string”)
print(” unequal”);
if (trim.” string “==”string”)
print(” unequal”);
ans) equal equal

22)java program

ans)105(it will not add)

23)ques on C
void foo(void)
unsigned int a=6;
int b=-20;
(a+b>6)? puts(” >6″):puts(”6″)

24)What is shell script

25)Where resides the configuration file
ans) /etc

26)what do u call when o/p of a program is given to another file
(a)….(b)piping (c)linking (d)…
ans (b) piping

27)some question like starting of UNIX…for which the answers were
(a)init 0 (b)init (c)initta (d)root
ans :init 0

28)an abstract class is one in which
(a)constructors can be overloaded
(b)any one object ….is not used….
ans)final method

29)how deadlock occurs
ans)resources not released by other processes

30)question on minimum complexity
(a)n (b)nlog n (c) logn (d)…
ans) log n

31)question related to nodes….
2 functions were given …one called “parent” which takes a parameter(node: parent) returns child.parent…
another function called “some function” taking 2 parameters (node: node1, node:node20)
node p1=parent(node1);
node p2=parent(node2);
….= ….(p1,p2);
what is the name for somefunction?
(a)common parent (b)common ancestor (c) common sibling (d)…
ans) common ancestor

32)What is
ans) frame for enterprise application

33)from where memory is allocated to programs
(a)heap (b) stack (c)both (d) none of these
ans)heap & stack

34)Where environment variables resides
ans) .profile

35)which of the following are present in ANSI C
(a) nested structure definition
(b)nested function definition
(c) both
(d)none of the above
ans: structure definition

36)in a program,if an array is passed to a function as an argument and collected in a pointer variable…its asked the size of variable using sizeof operator….
(a)size of the pointer
(c)depends on the dimension of the array

37)port no. of telnet in Windows?
(a)20 (b)21 (c) 23 (d) 24
ans: 23 (check)

38)what is the use of the keyword ” static”
(a)a variable defined as static in a module (outside any function) is accessible to all the functions in the module but cannot be accessed by other modules.Hence it is like “local global variable”
(b) a function declared as static is accesible inside the module….etc ..etc..
(d)none of the above

39) what is difference between new and malloc
(a)new allocate memory to objects while malloc to a variable.
(b)malloc allocate memory to objects while new to a variable.
ans:new allocate memory to objects while malloc to a variable.

40)what is daemon process?
ans:background process.

41) when context switching will always occurs…..
(a)a high priority process is scheduled when a low priority process is executing
(b)multiple high priority processes are scheduled when a low priority process is executing
(c)RAM overlap….stack overflows…..

42)which one to use for name-value pair?
(a)hash table (b)linked list (c)… (d)….

43)for a binary tree ,which of the following are true?
(a)..roots …
(b) leaves are equally distributed….

44)some question about halting UNIX for which the answers given were:
(a)runlevel 0 (b) runlevel 1 (c)runlevel 4 (d)runlevel 6

45)how to change the owner?
(a)ch (b)chmod (c)chowner (d)chown

46)2 functions java)…one returning a string, the other an integer ,both named setVal() means:
(a)setVal() is overloaded
(b) …(c)…(d)…

47)by default the access specifier of a class is

48)which of the following operations a priority queue need not contain?
(a)insert (b)delete (c)search min (d) search first

49)#ifdef is used for
(a)conditional compilation
(b)run time execution of code only if some condition is satisfied..