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This is ONGC paper for GS :-
this paper asked 40 questions which  were quite difficult because some peculiar (other than usual)types were there-

Subjective GS questions:-
1- Unity in Diversity
2- Impact of Globalization on Rural Economy.

1) First aerospace SEZ applied in which place?
ans) Hattaragi, dist. Belgaum, Karnatka.

2) In Africa which river passes twice TRopic of Capricon?
ans) river :Limppopo

3)who started mansabdari system?
ans) Akbar

4)who is chief of IAEA?
ans) Yukia Amano

5)who was the president of INC during Surat Split in 1907?
ans) Ras Bihari Bose

6)President of India submits his resignation to whom ?
ans) Vice-President

7)which company hired CISF securty first?
a)infosis b)TCS c)Wipro d)TechMahindra

8)who fist acted for untouchables?
ans)Jyotibha Phule

9)Who wrote the book "Neel Daarpan"?
ans) Dinbandhu Mitra

10) Tatipudi Reservoir in which state?
ans) Andhra Pradesh

11) National Environmental Engineering Research Institute situtated where?
ans) Nagpur

12) INS Arihant nuclear powered submarine generates power?
ans) 85MW

13) highest peak of Satpura mountains?
ans)Dhoopgarh peak

14) Demand of Fundamental Rights are raised in which sesssion of INC?
ans) Karachi Session

15) Red Blood Corpuscles are commenly known as?
ans) Erythrocytes

16) which cabohydrate is sweetest?
a) glucose b)maltose c)fructose d)lactose
 ans) fructose

17)venue of 2010 football world cup?
ans) South Africa

18)The min age qualification for supreme court Judge?
ans) No age limit, 10 years experience in highcourt as a judge