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ONGC GT 2012 Chemical Engineering CODE 12,ONGC chemical engineering questions asked in ONGC Graduate Trainees recruitment written test examination on Nov 2012,ONGC written test pattern,selection procedure,technical questions asked,ONGC candidates experince.........

1- film coefficient of heat transfer- thermal conductivity/film thickness

2- Petroleum coke is made by Residue by- Pyrolysis

3- correction factor for single tube pass-

4- Oxygen demand- COD>BOD

5- A unit step response to transfer func G=1/(s^2+1)-

6- phase lag- 45 deg

7- chemical used in the test of COD- both options KMnO4 and K2Cr2O7 are rite but K2Cr2O7 mostly preferd over KMnO4.

8-By product of wet process for the production of phosphoric acid- Gypsum

9- for Pr>1 conduction will be within viscous sublayer

10- mass transfer and momentum transfer- Sherwood No. Sh

11- Three unequal sized mixed flow reactor in series with volume 5L, 10L, 15L is arranged as-

12-fluid energy mill- attrition

13-for black body absorptivity and emmisivity equivalence-

14- view factor for concentric spheres of radius R2 for smaller sphere and R1 for larger one is- R2/(R1+R2)

15- ficks law for- molecular diffusion

16- superheated steam is not used for heating in HE due to- less heat transfer film coefficient

17- limiting reactant question-

18- rxn between acetylene and chlorine- vinyl chloride is formed

19- (synthesis gas)- CO+H2

20- evaporator arrangement for viscous fluid- backward feed

21- for cold and viscous- mixed feed

22- pump NPSH is- Head + Vapour pressure of Liquid.

23- cooling tower question- all options were correct

24- wet bulb temperature- lies between dew point and dry bulb temperature i.e. 40*C-60*C

25- 1/c0 vs t curve straight line for- 2nd order reaction

26- laminar flow question- there is flow in streamline no flow across.

27- After absorption ammonia is removed from- Distillation

28- on incresing temperature relative humidity- increases

29- aniline point for- aromatic content of diesel

30- catalyst used in the production of Nitric acid 97%- platinum/rhodium

31- Heat engine efficiency and temp diff 60*C now given find the temp of heat source and sink- 325& 265*C

32- For 1st order rxn in porus catalyst thiele modulus is 10 then effectiveness factor is- 0.1

33- For gas phase rxn 2A-->B, feed consists 80 mole% A and 20 mole% inerts. if the conversion of A at the reactor exit is 50% then Ca/Ca0 at reactor outlet- 5/8

34- A pulse tracer is introduced in an ideal CSTR at time t=0,time taken for the exit conc. of the tracer to reach of of its initial value- 0.693*t

35- A batch adiabatic reactor with an initial temp. of 373K is used for the rxn A-->B. Assume heat of rxn is -1kJ/mol at 373K and heat capacity of both A and B is constant 50J/mol.K. The temp rise for the conversion of 0.5- 10*C

36- Moles of Air used for complete combustion of C3H8-

37- Molar composition of a gas is 10% H2, 10% O2, 30% CO2, and balance H2O. Now 50% H2O condenses then the final mole % of H2 in the gas on dry basis- 20%

38- A pitot tube indicates 5cm of water when it is used for measuring velocity of air. velocity of air in m/s is- 28.2

39- real gas approaches ideal behavior when- pressure<1 and Temp>1

40- Rxn between Gleceride and Aldehyde- Transesterification

41- An alkaline solution is used to reduce the conc. of CO2 in a stream from 10% to 0.1% by absorption with irreversible chemical rxn. The overall NTU based on gas phase is- 4.605

42- Multiple effect evaporator has capacity to process 4000kg of solid caustic soda per day when it is concentrating from 10% to 35% water. The water evaporated in kg/day is- 27,500

43- Heat is transfered through three layer of different thermal conductivity- 20.27 kW/hr.m2

44- Optimum reflux ratio depends on- Costing of Column

45- Converting Black Liquor to White Liquor- drying, adding caustic with dilution