Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Priti updated on Jul 2019
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ONGC Recrutment written test  on 4th nov 2012 Bharti public school.ONGC has 80 technical questions,aptitude and general awareness questions
ONGC technical section :: 80 questions very basic level just revision of basic level of some of the subjects is needed ONGC GK ..need to b prepared hard
Aptitude : a bit needed to be prepared
English : read out the comprehension passage carefully
Many from DBMS
1)architecture of DBMS : 4level or 3 level or 2 level  1 level

2)primary key if joined with foreign key makes
a)many to many relationship
b)many to one relationship
c)creates a parent child relationship

3)'As'  is used for in SQL statement
a) like
c) copy the stmt
d) make stsmt short

       does not result into

1)following which of the is not a backtracking

1) which of the folllowing is correct to represent inheritence
a) class a : class b
b) class a  :public b
c) a: b
d) class a :b

2) which of the following is never overloaded
a)constructor          b)class

C: all to find out the output of the small programs atleast  5pgms were dere    one simple question from pointer
   int *p;
   p ="hello";
  o/p:  ?
  a)  syntax error
  b)  will preint hello
c)will print last letter
d)will preint first letter
1)rotational latency simple question
2)tatal capacity of disk when disk size given trcks per disk ,given data per track in bytes
3)arrange the following in inc oreder of there fastness
d)floppy disk
4)one theoritical question from pipelining
   |   11bits |  13 bits         |
   simple question like 11 bits as above was answer
6) Computer networks :: no queestion from CN
4)no question from diital
5)no question From Software Engineering

Data Structure
1)which of the following is a binary search tree    four tress were dere   simple question
2)Preorder of tree given & postorder to b find out from options
3) what is a euler graph
a) whose all vertices are odd
b)whose all vertices r even
c)whose atmost 2 vertices r odd
d)whose atmost 2 vertices r even

2)nested Macros are solved into following order
d)no specific order  Operating system
1) FIFO one simple question
2) job scheduling one simple question

GK ::
1) If we mix tin ,copper, cobalt in 8:5:3 ratio  which of the following alloy will will form

2) Match the dams and river on which dey are formed

3) Blue vitrol is also known as

4 Options with different salts name like Coppersulphate, Ferrous hydroxide

4) WALDIR is treatment for  a)AIDS b)TB  c) Sypholis  d)etc

5)Which of the fllowing yojna for unemployment was on 1April 2005
English : One Comprehension passage
all other 5 questions with 4 options related to dat