Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) Aptitude-General Contributed by Arun updated on Sep 2019

Certain question on GS such as

1. Bear lake--canada
2. river cutting tropic of capricorn----limpopo
3. Author of NEEL DARPAN----Desh Bandhu Mitra
4. Chairman of congress during split of INC into extremist and moderate(popularly known as Surat split)---Ras Behari Ghosh
5. No min age defined for the judge of supreme court.
6. Most sweet naturally occuring sugar is -----FRUCTOSE
7. Pellagra is due to deficiency of Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
8. Fundamental rights were first raised in the KARACHI SUMMIT of INC
9. President submits his resignation to VICE PRESIDENT
10. Tipaimukh DAM----MANIPUR
11. Krishna River emerges from ----MAHABALESHWAR
12. Tadri Ultra Mega Power Project is at------Karnataka
13. State with highest decay in population growth rate---ANDHRA PRADESH
14. Sex ratio of India---933
16. Grandmaster Parimarjan Negi has won----Parsvnath Commonwealth Chess Championships
17. NH_15------Pathankot to Jaiselmer---Kandla( Gujarat
18. National Solar Mission is to ensure 20000 MW power production by the year---2022
19. Highest Peak of SATPURA RANGE------DHUPGARH
20. Moplah Rebels------MALABAR COAST
21. Political Guru of Mahatma Gandhi------Gopal Krishna Gokhale
22. 2010 FIFA world cup-----Brazil
23. Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Indian Prime Minister--- C N R Rao
24. In Assembly elections state in which a single party has won all seats----SIKKIM
25. First Pvt company being provided CISF security------INFOSYS

  26. Indian Space appliocation center located at --------AHMEDABAD   and many more of similar type....

There were 40 GS question in total and no negative marking