National Thermal Power Corporation Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Jack updated on Aug 2019

hi friends i gave  ntpc exam on 2 May.

  this time they have changed the pattern .   althogh they have reduced the no of questions but they have not reduced time   the no of questions are now 85 instead of 170 and time is still the same 2 Hrs.   the paper consisted of 50 technical  & 35 non technical questions ....     TECHNICAL - Mechanical: centrifugal pump the discharge varies as speed, square of speed ,root of speed ,inverse to speed   2.for welding what are the precautions need to be taken?   3.what is a-b-c analysis done for   4. what is a kaplan turbine ?   5.a numerical to find out sink temp ,efficiency was given nd source T was given   6.welding arc depends on ?   7.what is scheduling   8. what is concurrent engineering?   9.X=Fn.(t)   find the time when vel. is zero   10. a numerical on NTU...   11. A numerical on LMTD?   12.where is the program written for boot up of computer a.RAM  b. ROM c.PROM d. EPROM   13.A Numerical on  thrmal power plant efficiency was given .   14.value of transmissibilty was to be found out if W/Wn is <1.414?   15.what is the value of velocity  & accelaration nera bottom dead centre  ?   16.a question on the format of nc machine if the point moves from one point to the other   17.a numerical on linear programming .   three constraints were given and you the maximu profit for eq 5X1 +2x2 was to be found out ?   18.if load on a beam is doubled what is the effect on bending moment ? nnumerical on emmisvity .   20.why preheating is done before welding?     21.TDS=dU+Pdv is used for :   friends i remember these questions only;     NON TECHNICAL   the questions here were a mix of apti reasoning and english ...   for this section nothing much to worry friends   this time there were 4 questions of general awareness.   1.who is chritiano ronaldo   2.what is fahrenheight 9/11?   3. which mughal emperor donated land in amritsar to build golden temple   4.economic liberalisation?   inenglish there was a easy passage and 4 questions on it ?   3 sentence correction   1 jubled up sentences   apti questions were from cone , men and work ,pricing   reasoning comprised of 3 questions where a certain pattern was shown in pictorial form nd you had find out the odd one out  OR the next one which will continue the pattern   2 question on fill the series   1 question on blood relation   friends this section was easier and it did nt have any antonyms or synonyms    well friends all the best to all the aspirants of NTPC.................