National Thermal Power Corporation Technical-Other Contributed by priyant kumar updated on May 2020
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I am giving here some que. of  mechanical branch..this year there  was  drastic   change  in  que.paper....and  it  didnt demand fundadamental  was for freshers n dnt demand any specific preprsn.....hope  dis 30 ques  will giv u idea  abt que.papr patrn.........good  luck.....

Technical section-120que. Non-tech section-50que 1/4  -ve markng  n  sectional  cut-off   1.What is  intensive property? 2.What is engg.stress? 3."ideal"cycle for s.i. engine? 4.Heat transfer mode in radiation?(e m wave) 5.Expnsn of steam in turbine is_________process? 6.Francis turbine is _________type(dirsn) of turbine? 7.Unit of refrigrtsn? 8.Efficiency  of   heat  engine? 9.Unit of  overall heat trnsfr coff.? 10.Von-mises theory is  based on  which  princpl?( 11.Which is used as  refrigerent?(freon) 12.Meaning of  stage in turbine? 13.By increasing  insulation, heat transfr rate will ____??(may incrs or decrs ,it will depnd on thickness) 14.When whirling of  shaft will occur? 15.What will be deflection of  simply supptd beam? 16.Darcy-weichbac-eqn...? 17.Why spiral casing is used in centrifugal pump? 18.What is d use of draft tube? 19.One que. related to press.compounding? 20.One que.related to vel.compounding? 21.Where super-sonic velocity will occr in nozl? 22.One que related to direction in gyroscopy chapter? 23.Which governer is used in gramo-phone? 24.What will be  frequency of cantilvr-beam? 25.When "IMPACT"