National Thermal Power Corporation Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Obli Rajesh updated on May 2020
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      Hi friends! I am Obli Rajesh. I got selected as Executive Trainee-2010 in NTPC. I belong to mechanical discipline. I want to share my experience about the GD & PI process of NTPC.


      The written test was held on 2/5/2010. The written test had 85 questions with 1/4th negative marking. The results of the written test were declared on 3rd June 2010. The total number of candidates short listed was 1647 for 438 posts. So the ratio will be 1:4.the GD & PI were held at PMI, Noida.


      My GD & PI was on 12-July-2010. The reporting time is 8:00 am. First, they will verify your original documents. Each one will be given a number as per their branch. For ex: Mech 1,2,3…..Electrical 1,2,3,…and so on.


      Then the GD will be held. Batches of 8 members will be formed. The time for GD is 10 minutes. One can speak either in hindi or English. There will be two judges. Two topics will be given. Out of which the group has to decide about which topic they are going to speak. My GD started at 10am.


      After the GD the PI is held. My turn came at 11:15am. It was a panel interview. There were five members in the board. One was the chairman. The panel members are very experienced. They seem to be around 50-60 yrs of age.

I had my summer training in Hyundai motors. My subjects of interest are thermodynamics and refrigeration & air conditioning. Some of the questions asked to me are:

  • What are the types of clutches?
  • What is the purpose of clutch?
  • What is the name of the clutch used in cars?
  • What is automatic transmission? How it works?
  • Do you know about hydraulic clutch?
  • What is the specialty of i20?
  • What kind of layout used in Hyundai assembly line?
  • What subject you want me to ask?
  • State the Second law of thermodynamics?
  • What is common between the two statements?
  • What is exergy?
  • What is availability?
  • Draw psychrometric chart?
  • How to find the dew point temperature?
  • Plot Sensible cooling?
  • Plot cooling and humidification?
  • Do you know about sensible heat factor line?
  • What is dryness fraction?
  • Plot dryness fraction on T-S diagram?
  • Which point represents zero dryness and which point represents dryness fraction of one?
  • What apparatus will be used to measure both dry bulb and wet bulb temperature?
  • Have you seen it?
  • You have not even seen it?
  • Does it have a handle?
  • Why it should be rotated in the air?
  • What is the type of cloth used to cover the bulb?
  • Can I use the cloth from your shirt?
  • What will be the temperature if I use it outside this room?
  • Which will be higher either DBT or WBT?
  • What is the state of this liquid in this bottle?
  • Will it have zero dryness fractions?
  • Plot the boiling of liquid on T-S diagram?
  • What is dew point depression?
  • For what it is used?
  •  Besides these I was also asked about my native place. They asked about the SAIL steel plant in my home town (Salem, TN). My interview lasted for 30-35 minutes. It wasn’t easy. It is a combination of both hr and tech.

       The interviewers will also try to stress you. They will make comments abt u. but be calm and collected. That will help you to sail through. The weightage given for written, GD & PI are in the ratio 85:5:10. So a good written score will definitely help you. The results were declared on 21/8/10. I am joining NTPC on 9th September 2010.                                                                             ALL THE BEST.