NIC Technical-Other Contributed by Omprakash Kumar updated on Aug 2019


                        NIC Interview Questions


I am Omprakash kumar given NIC Exam on Kolkata center. My Experience about NIC Exam and Some question are,

1. Most desirable form of coupling
a. Common coupling  b.Control Coupling c. Data Coupling d. Content Coupling.

2. Dandgling Reference refer to?

3. Encryption used in IEEE 802.11 WLAN?

4. Version of Advanced Enryption Standard(AES) and cipher Key?

5. No.of vertex of odd degree is ?

6. Slowest Sorting Algorathim?

7. Complexity to delete a node from Linked LIST?

8. EBCDIC can code upto how many charcter?

9. Estimation equation of cocomo model for organic project?

10. Need for the extended ER Model?

11. Infrastructure component for the DATA Center?

12. Which type of memory device has Min. Cost of storing one bit information?

13. Color combination for printer?

14. Father of computer?

15. Thrashing affect?

16. Preemptive version of FCFS?

17. C is a Language?

18. Object based language?

19. Which memory can not be interface with procesor?

20. Input for linker?

21. Preprocesor starts functioning when?
Also it has cove alll syllabus of Computer Science.

Basically question comes from,

1. Software Engineering.
2. C, C++, Java
3. Networking.
4. Data Structure(Tree, Stack).
5. Operating System.
6. Automata Theory.

Also In this exam was 2 hours and 100 Question out of hundred 75 questions are objective and remaing 25 question was 3 marks. So total marks 150.