NIC Placement Paper Contributed by Sheheer updated on Aug 2019

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1) What is the output of the following progam ?
class test
public static void main(String args[]){
short s=0x00FE;
byte b=(byte)s;
System.out.println("b is" +b);
} Answer is -2

2) Average waiting time question from Operating systems.

3) Select * FROM customers where customer_name like '_%cal' 4 options to choose what exactly the meaning of the above statement.

4) for(i=0;i<=32767;i++)
a)Infinite loop 
b)compiler error 

5) One question From DBMS to find whether
write t;
and some thing like this and asked to find whether serializable or nonserializable or non-serializable like that. I think this is from Elmasri navathe DBMS text

6) what is the important quality in spiral model
a. Efficiency 
b. perfomance increase 
c. quality management

7) what is the role of database administrator
a) daily maintenance 
b) writing application software

8. How many maximum number of node a Binary tree can have ?

9. FDDI ring topology.

10. Hit ratio for cache memory.

11. Time complexity of B+ search.

12. Detail knowledge of all seven layers in networking.

13. If we are having 56kbps net connection and downloading a file which takes X(not remember) time to download then what is the maximum size of the file may be ?

14. CPU time scheduling algorithms (FCFS- primitive,non-primitive....)

15. Calculating “page fault” by the given string of page numbers.

16. Paging, swapping and virtual memory.

18. Which is latest smallest processor developed by Intel ?
a. Dual core 
b. Core 2 Dual 
c. Atom