NIC Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Nathan updated on May 2020
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Exam was conducted on 14/11/2010. The question paper consisted 100 questions. 75 questions carried one mark each and 25 carried 3 marks each. Negative marking was there. (1/3rd)

In general, questions came from the following subjects majorly.

2. Operating system
3. Computer Network
4. C and C++
5. Software engineering
6. Very few questions related to TOC.

1. Normalizations is a ------ process. 
a) Recursive  b) Iterative and few more

2. Which is NOT a relational database. 
a) FoxPro  b)dBASE4  c) few more

3. What is the name of the combination of disk, Platers, R/W head, ARM? 
a)HDA  b)SAT  etc.

4. Problem related to hard disk. Data requests from the tracks are 10,15,78,30, 140,25.(all are track numbers) How many R/W head moves are needed to serve all the above reqiests if the DISK controler follows FIFO policy?
Note: The request numbers are not exact. I have given  sample number.

5. Process scheduling problem.

The processses (a,4), (b,2), (c,1), (d,7) are given. First parameter refers the process name and the next refers the total CPU time required by the process. The OS follows round robin scheduling algorithm. The slice time is 1 second.

At what time the process 'a' completes?

6. A segment has 512 bytes size and each page has 10 segments. How many address lines are required to uniquely adress each bytes?

7. A problem related to Semophare.

8. A problem related to mapping of logical address to physical address. Logical address was given and the physical address was asked. (All the other details like base, page were given)

9. Why RAID levels ae used? 
a) To avoid data loss  b) etc.

10. A problem related to TOC. {a,b,c,d,e,f,g}. How many strings of length 4 can be formed from the given set of leterels? All the four charecters in a string should be distinct.

11. Couple of questions were asked related to IP address classes.

12. Around 5-6 questions were asked from C/C++. A piece of program was given and the O/P had to be chosen.

13. Problem related to RSA algorithm. (Publec key was given and the private was asked)

14. A problem related to stack (data stucture)

15. Search in a B tree is faster that B+ tree. True or false?

16. Which sorting technique uses binary search to find the given number is larger than all the number in a tree?
a)Insertition sort  b)selection  c)Bubble d)  Heap sort

17. Which sorting technique is slower? (list of techniques were given again)

18. A problem related to cache rate was asked.

19. Which among the following will not create web page?
a) ASP  b) JSP  c) Java services d) UDP page

20. Conoco Model formula was asked? (from software engineering)

21. Couple of problems were asked to estimate the software delivery. (I think using conoco model)

22. What is the advantage of bottom up tetsing?

23. Which coupling is desirable? 
a) Data coupling b) Control coupling  etc.

24. Another question related to testing was asked.

25. A company earns Rs 10000 as profit every year in a five year project. The investment for the project was Rs 100000. what is the profit percentage?

26. What is the first step in the implementation phase of the SDLc process?
a) Selecting the tool  b) Implementation planning  c) announcing that the implementation begins  etc.

27. What is the fastest file transfer protocal? (4 set of protocals were given)

28. Couple of questions related to graph were asked.

29. A probelm related to B+ tree was asked. (A value was to be inserted in the B+ tree.)