NATIONAL HYDRO POWER CORPORATION LIMITED Civil-Engineering Contributed by Neema updated on May 2019

                                 Civil Engineering Model Question Paper 

1. Which of the following is/are the assumption(s) of Bernaulli’s equation?
1) There is loss of liquid while flowing.
2) There is no external force except the gravity acts on the liquid.
3) The velocity of energy of liquid particle, across any cross-section of pipe is uniform.
4) Both [2] and [3]

2. In constructions, why are the lintels preferred to arches?
1) Arches will not long last
2) Arches require more head room to span the open as like doors, windows etc.
3) Arches require strong abutments to withstand arch thrust
4) Bothe [2] and [3]

3. What is called a ‘level line’?
1) The line parallel to the mean sphireodal surface of earth
2) The line is horizontal
3) The line passing through the centre of cross-hairs and the centre of the eye piece
4) The line passing through the objective lens and the eye piece of a dumpy or tilting level

4.Consider a non-homogeneous system of linear equations representing mathematically an overdetermined system. Such a system will be
(a) consistent having a unique solution 
(b) consistent having a many solutions
(c) inconsistent having a unique solution 
(d) inconsistent having no solution

5. Which one of the following statement is NOT true ?
(a) The measure of skewness is dependent upon the amount of dispersion
(b) In a symmetric distribution, the values of mean, mode and median are the same
(c) In a positively skewed distribution : mean > median > mode
(d) In a negatively skewed distribution : mode > mean > median

6. The symmetry of stress tensor at a point in the body under equilibrium is obtained from
(a) conservation of mass 
(b) force equilibrium equations
(c) moment equilibrium equations 
(d) conservation of energy

7. The components of strain tensor at a point in the plane strain case can be obtained by measuring longitudinal strain in following directions
(a) along any two arbitrary directions
(b) along any three arbitrary directions
(c) along two mutually orthogonal directions
(d) along any arbitrary direction

8. Total Kjedahl nitrogen is a measure of
(a) total organic nitrogen 
(b) total organic and ammonia nitrogen
(c) total ammonia nitrogen 
(d) total inorganic and ammonia nitrogen

9. The length of Summit Curve on a two lane two way highway depends upon
(a) allowable rate of change of centrifugal acceleration
(b) coefficient of lateral friction
(c) required Stopping Sight Distance
(d) required Overtaking Sight Distance

10. The necessary and sufficient condition for a surface to be called as a free surface is
(a) no stress should be acting on it
(b) tensile stress acting on it must be zero
(c) shear stress acting on it must be zero
(d) no point on it should be under any stress

11. Which of the following statement is NOT true in the context of capillary pressure in soils ?
(a) Water is under tension in capillary zone
(b) Pore water pressure is negative in capillary zone
(c) Effective stress increases due to capillary pressure
(d) Capillary pressure is more in coarse grained soils

12. Name the traffic survey data which is plotted by means of “Desire lines”.
(a) Accident 
(b) Classified volume
(c) Origin and Destination 
(d) Speed and Delay

Fill in the blanks with most suitable word.

13. The final setting time of ordinary Portland Cement is ________________ Hours.

14. The steel in RCC will take __________ stresses.

15. _______________ flooring is suitable for Dance Hall.

16. ________________ is the process to remove moisture from Timber.

17. The commonly used lime in white washing is _________________.

18. The cohesion less soil is ______________.

19. The line joining points of the same level is called _______________.

20. Drawing is a ______________ of technicians.

21. A Solid figure described by the revolution of a right angled triangle about one of its sides containing the right angle is ___________

22. The electrical engineering symbol of ceiling fan is _____________.

23. ONECu.m of Portland cement is equal to _____ no.of bags of cement.

24. In Block cotton soils _____________ foundation is suitable.

25.When the Span is more than 9 m and less than 14 m ___________ truss is suitable.

26.The front vertical portion of the Step is called _____________.

27. Expand I.R.C ( used in Roads) __________________

28. In Broad gauge the distance between the gauge faces is ______ meters.

29. 20 m length Chain will have ________ no. of Links.

30. The deviation of magnetic needle due to presence of the magnetic objects nearby place of work is called __________