National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) Interview Experience Contributed by Saurav updated on Jul 2019

                                                        NAL Interview Experience 

Project Assistant Interview Experience

I applied for it through online company portal and i received a mail from them after about 2 months.The process took a day – interviewed at National Aerospace Laboratories (Bangalore (India)).Interview panel consisted of 7 members from various dept(I guess due to such a big panel). hiring is by direct interview by the review community set by NAL and the duration of the interview is about 20 to 30 minutes. where the process takes place following,

1. Introduce yourself
2. generally they ask about your past experience or final year project.
3. generally all the basics on the specified domain.
4. mostly on strength of materials and engineering drawing.
5. to drill a long and small diameter hole which non traditional process is feasible and why ?