JIPMER Question-Paper Contributed by Sunitha updated on Jun 2019

                                                    JIPMER Question Paper

1) Pinta is caused by
a) T pertenue
b) T pallidum
c) T carateum
d) Borrelia burgdorferi.

2) earliest sign of vitamin A deficiency is
a) conjunctival xerosis
b) corneal xerosis
c) bitot's spot

3) on X-ray calcification of breast is seen. Likely cause is
a) chronic breast abscess
b) tuberculosis of breast
c) periductal carcinoma

4) epidermolysis bullosa is due to
a) autoimmune disease
b) atopic disease
c) infective agent
d) genetic fragility of skin

5) A child suffering from marasmus was given high protein diet. The metabolic change likely is
a) hyperargininemia
b) hyperammonemia
c) hyperlysinemia
d) hypernatremia.

6) the ORS fluid used for a marasmic child lacks in (racemol)
a) amino acids
b) sodium
c) copper
d) magnesium

7) which of the following cell has both T lymphocyte and B lymphocyte function
a) plasma cell
b) T- lymphoblast cell
c)B-lymphoblast cell
d) NK cell

8) salmonella osteomyelitis occurs in
a) sickle cell d
b) beta thalassemia
c) sideroblastic anemia

9) following are louse borne disease
a) endemic typhus
b) KFD
c) lyme's disease

10) the treatment of choice in angiofibroma is a 12 year old boy is
a) radio treatment
b) chemo treatment
c) embolisation of inferior palatine artery
d) surgery

11) A young women, 30 yrs old complains of pain in the left knee joint which increases after exercise since 4 months. An x-ray shows eccentric bone cyst. The likely diagnosis is
a) aneurysmal bone cyst
b) unicameral bone cyst

12) The term family size in demographic parlance means
a) the total number of children a women has borne at a point of time
b) the total number of children of couples
c) the total number of children by women borne in a female between 15- 45 yrs

13) the approximate magnitude of completed family size from demographic point view is given by
a) TFR
b) GFR

14) the following should be done for prophylaxis of rabies in a 1 year old child except
a) wash the wound with soap & water
b) give HDCV in the buttock
c) HDCV should not be given to HIV pt

15) all the following are examples of health promotion except
a) stop smoking
b) regular exercise
c) chemoprophylaxis

16) one of the following helps deliver baby in a community
a) health assistant female
b) anganwadi worker
c) health supervisor
d) village health guide

17) Least recurrence of peptic ulcer most commonly occurs in
a) selective vagotomy
b) TV + GJ
c) Pure gastroenterostomy
d) TV+ antrectomy

18) CABG has successful outcome and prognosis if done in
a) double vessel obstruction
b) left coronary artery obstruction without left ventricular dysfunction
c) single vessel obstruction

19) anteversion of uterus is due to following ligament
a) uterosacral ligament
b) mackenrod's ligament

20) osteochondroma is a disease of
b) diaphysis
c) epiphysis
d) periosteum

21) the characteristic symptom of dysmenorrhea , menorrhagia, recurrent abdominal pain and infertility is suggestive of
a) endometriosis
b) ectopic
c) endometritis

22) testicular seminoma, secretes
a) ? -FP
b) CEA
c) B-HCG

23) the concentration of HbA1c in blood is
a) 4-6%
b) 6-8%
c) 8-9%

24) which of the following is contraindicated in early pregnancy
a) heparin
b) phenytoin
c) chlor****
d) penicillin

25) action potential is transmitted to myofibrils via
a) terminal cisterns
b) T- Tubules
c) longitudinal
d) sarcomere

26) humidification of O2 is required in
a) nasopharyngeal intubation
b) nasal prong
c) nasal catheter
d) face mask

27) meconium plug syndrome occurs in
a) meconium ileus
b) hirschsprung's disease
c) ileo-colic pouch

28) the cause of endemic ascites is
b) Sanguinarine
c) Pyrozzilodine alkaloids