JIPMER Question-Paper Contributed by Abyson updated on Jun 2020
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                                                              JIPMER Paper

1) morbid jealousy is seen in
a) alcoholism
b) persons who are isolated from society

2) respiratory alkalosis is seen in
a) duodenal obstruction
b) early salicylism
c) diarrhea

3) dopamine is highest in
b) cerebellum
c) caudate

4) IL-1 & TNF ? causes
a) increasing capillary permeability
c) acute phase reactants
b) chemotaxis
d) activate endothelium

5) thimble pitting nails are seen in
a) psoriasis
b) tinea versicolor
c)lichen planus

6) Ridley-Jopling classification includes all except
a) lepromatous leprosy
b) borderline borderline
c) tuberculoid
d) neuritic

7) Pressure necrosis which causes venous flow to stop during endotracheal intubation occurs at
a) 20 - 30 mm Hg
b) 15 - 20 mm Hg
c) 30-40 mm Hg
d) 16 -15 mm Hg

8) diagnosis of mucopolysacharridoses can be done by examination of
a) cornea
b) skin
c) bone
d) face

9) cadaveric position of vocal cords occurs in
a) recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy
b) recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy + superior laryngeal nerve palsy

10) most common site of pelvic abscess is in
a) ishiorectal fossa
b) perianal

11) most important sensory organ in the ampulla is
a) organ of corti
b) macula
d) crista

12) carotid body baroreceptor is most sensitive to
a)mean blood pressure
b) diastolic blood pressure
c) systolic blood pressure
d) Pulse pressure

13) the following are derived from endoderm except
a) liver
b) kidney
c) pancreas
d)urinary bladder

14)human placenta is
a) hemochorial
b) endothen - esdothelima
c) chorio - endothelial

15)In malaria acquired by transfusion, the infective form is
a) sporozoites
b) shistozoites
c) gametocytes
d) merozoites

16) inhibition of prolactin is caused by
a) dopamine
b) dobutamine

17) In after coming, head best forceps used for delivery is
a) piper's forceps
b) kielland's forceps
c) wrigley' forceps

18) longest diameter of the skull is
a) suboccipital bregmatic
b) occipital frontal
c) bitemporal
d) biparietal

19)bishop score is used to evaluate
a) cervix status
b) uterine contraction
c) fetal well being

20) the management of eclampsia includes all except
a) control of convulsion
b) prolongation of pregnancy
c) control of BP
d) delivery of fetus

21) The most common cause of vesicovaginal fistula in developing countries is
a) pressure necrosis of urethra during obstructed labor
b) forceps delivery

22) shoulder dystocia occurs in delivery of fetus with
a) anencephaly
b) hydrocephalus
c) fetal ascites

23) benign prost hyperplasia occur in the
a) periurethral transitional zone
b) cortex
c) posterior lobe

24) tetany is seen in all except
a) hypoparathyroidism
b) full strength milk given in neonate

25) benign intracranial hypertension is seen in all except
a) hypertvitaminosis A
b) steroid therapy
c) OCP

26) the most common breech presentation in a nulliparous woman is
a) frank breech
b) complete breech
c) footling

27) In supra condylar fracture, the x-ray view of which helps in the next line of management
a) baumman's angle
b) cobb's angle
c) cowen's angle

28) calculate the pearl index if 6 pregnancy occurs in 1200 females practicing contraception for 1 year
a) 6
b) 12
c) 18
d) 24

29) In minilap procedure, the most common method successfully used is
a) uchida
b) pomeroy's

30) deep transverse arrest occurs in
a) android
b) anthropoid
c) gynecoid
d) flat pelvis

31) false positive rinne's test occur in
a) unilateral conductive deafness
b) unilateral sensory neural deafness
c) bilateral conductive deafness
d) bilateral sensory neural deafness

32) A nulliparous female aged 30 years develops IInd degree UV prolapse. The operative procedure done is
a) cervicopexy

33) following are true of hemorrhoids except
a) they are arteriolar dilatations
b) they are common causes of painless bleeding
c) they cannot be per rectally palpated

34) waves on EEG during NREM period of sleep is
a) alpha
b) beta
c) delta
d) theta

35) following is true of hormone leptin except
a) it is found in increased levels in obese
b) it's site of action is hypothalmus
c) it is produced by adipose all
d) it increases appetite.

36) function of brown fat is
a) glycogenosis
b) gluconeogenesis
d) thermogenesis

37) The most common cause for stridor in the early day of life is
a) laryngomalacia
b)esophago- tracheal fistula
c) laryngeal stenosis

38) commonest sources of lead to cause increased blood level is from
a) air
b) lead paints
c) water

39) The incisura of arterial pulse corresponds with
b) S2
c) opening snap
4) S3

40) the one organism which is responsible for coronary artery disease
a) chlamydia
b) klebsiella
c) E coli
d) mycoplasma

41) to build a genome library using digested chromosome into fragments, the enzyme used is
a) DNA polymerase
b) RNA restriction endonuclease

42) all the following are suggestive of urethral injury except
a) blood at meatus
b) haematoma of scrotum
c) high prostate on PR
d) blood in rectum

43) to assess the refraction state of eye, the investigation done is
a) USG - Bscan
b) retinoscopy
c) binoculoscopy
d) opthalmoscopy

44) which of the following has the worst prognosis
a) rolandic epilepsy
b) versive epilepsy
c) absence epilepsy

45) which of the following has worst prognoses in carcinoma lung
a) squamous cell carcinoma
b) large cell carcinoma
c) small cell carcinoma

46) Herbert's pit is seen in
a) vernal conjunctivitis
b) atopic conjunctivitis
c) gonococcal conjunctivitis
d)chlamydial conjunctivitis

47) the amount of rads required for treatment of oropharyngeal carcinoma is
a) 3000 - 4000 rads
b) 4000- 5000 rads
c) 5000 - 6000
d) 6000 - 7000

48) prolonged ST segment with T wave seen in
a) hypokalemia
b) hyperkalemia
c) hypomagnesemia
d) hypocalcemia

49) In a meconium aspirated baby following are investigations. pO2=50, pCO2=60 & blood pH=7.1. the next line of management of giving I V infusion to correct this condition is
a) NAHCO3 solution
b) ringer lactate
d) endotracheal intubation & IPPV

50) which of the following hormones increase during sleep
a) insulin
c) GH
d) melatonin