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                                                    JIPMER Sample Paper

1) Which is not an aldolase
a) glucose
b) Mannose
c) fructose
d) starch

2) Excitatory neurotransmitter in brain is
b) Glycine
c) glutamate
d) Aspartate

3) Enlarged adenoid causes the following complications except
b) maxillary sinusitis

4) In an elderly hypertension patient with arteriosclerosis renin level in blood will be
a) high
b) low
c) normal
d) not related to HT

5) A patient comes with recurrent abdominal pain, and urinary examination reveals Ehrlich aldehyde test (+) for urobilonogens. The diagnosis is
a) porphyria
b) renal calculi
c) cholelithiasis

6) In urticaria pigmentosa, the cell most commonly seen in skin on microscopy is
a) Mast cell
b) Langerhan's cell
c) Langhan's cell

7)lagopathalmos is seen in
a) leprosy
b) syphilis
c) peripheral neuritis
d) HZV infection

8) Topical steroids is used in
a) Interstitial keratitis
b) bacterial keratitis
c) pendrotic
d) herpetic

9) An elderly male with dry skin and fissuring scaly skin is likely to have
a) nummular eczema
b) venous eczema
c) asteatotic eczema

10) In myasthenia gravis, true is
a) antibody is present against nicotinic receptor
b) decreased Acetylcholine release
c) decreased no of receptors
d) end organ resistance

11) Insulin sensitivity increases on following treat except
a) metformin
b) acarbose
c) exercise
d) fasting

12) All the following are anticonvulsants except
a) lamotrigine
b) methyl phenytoline
c) vigabatrin
d) topiramate

13) Side effect of valvular heart disease is seen with
a) fenfluramine
b) methylphenidate
c) amphetamine

14) Side effect of acute pancreatitis is due to following anti HIV drugs
a) lamivudine
b) zidovudine
c) didanosine

15) "milk spots" on the omentum consists of
a) macrophage
b) neutrophils
c) lymphocyte

16) longest acting muscle relaxant is
a) pancuronium
b) mivacurium
c) vecuronium

17)Genital prolapse in a female can be due to all except
a) Ascites
b)complete perineal tear
c) chronic cough

18) Tubal patency test is done by which test?
a) sion test
b) frei's test
c) bonney's test
d) three swab test

19) cells are most susceptible to radiation in which phase
a) M phase
b) G2 phase
c) G1 phase
d) S phase
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20) end product of ?- hydroxylation is
a) Acetyl CoA + propionyl CoA
b) Acetyl CoA + succinyl CoA
c) Acetyl CoA +
d) Acetyl CoA + malonyl CoA

21) Morrison pouch is
a) subphrenic space
b) posterior to lateral lobe of liver
c) lesser sac

22) hemoptysis in mitral stenosis is due to
a) Pulmonary arterial hypertension
b) Pulmonary arterial hypertension + left atrial hypertension
c) Left ventricular pressure

23) In massive pericardial effusion all are seen except a) on fluoroscopy less prominent vascular marking
b) CT ratio >0.5
c) CP angles acute
d) Plethoric pulmonary fields

24) single plate coated with ammonium***** is present in all except
a) X-ray
b) MMR
c) CT scan
d) USG film

25)Best view on x-ray to view bilateral auditory oscines /Eustachian tubes? is
a) occipito frontal
b) fronto occipital
c) submento vertical

26) best view for pituitary fossa on x-ray is
a) lateral skull x-ray
c) sella view

27) Gram negative antigen is injected in a rabbit after 2 weeks****question not complete****
a) schwartzmann reaction- ans
b) Schultz-dale phenomenon
c) P-K-reaction

28) The most common cause of spasm of psoas in childhood is
a) trauma
b) tuberculosis psoas
c) acute appendicitis
d) pyogenic psoas abscess

29) which leucotriene is the adhesion factor for the neutrophil on the cell surface to attach endothelium
a) B4
b) C4
d) E4

30) In the following conditions, bone matrix is reduced except
a) osteoporosis
b) osteomalacia
c) hyperparathyroidism
d) osteopetrosis

31) which one is FAD dependent reaction
a) succinyl CoA fumarate
c) d)

32) which of the following is formed by the intestinal mucosal cells on absorption of dietary lipids
a) chylomicrons
c) HDL
d) LDL

33) high risk factor for coronary artery diseases are all except
a) low homocysteine level
b) cholesterol > 250 mg

34) In osteomalacia, all the following seen except
a) looser zones
b) high alkaline phosphate levels

35) In a patient with solitary nodule of thyroid, investigation of choice is
b) USG
c) CT
d) Radioisotope scan

36) how many double bonds are present in arachidonic acid?
a) One
b) two
c) Three
d) Four

37) In elective tracheostomy, incision is taken on
a) cricothyroid membrane
b) C1 & C2
c) c2 & c4

38) Autoinduction of biotransformation and action as a hormone is seen in
a) carbamazepine
b) cimetidine
c) corticosteroid.

39) G-6-P-D inheritance is
a) X-linked - recessive
b) autosomal dominant
c) autosomal recessive
d) x linked dominant

40) oral hairy leucoplakia & whitish plaque on the tongue and palate seen gives clue to most likely diagnosis of
a) HIV infection
b) HTLV - 1
c) infectious mononucleosis

41) most common organism causing spontaneous bacterial peritonitis is
a) staphylococcus
c) salmonella
d) streptococcus

42) symblepharon is caused by
a) diphtheria
b) gonococci
c) chlamydia
d) opthalmia neonatorum

43) jargon aphasia is seen in
a) wenicke's
b) broca's aphasia
c) conduction aphasia

44) In koraskoff psychosis seen is
a) global deterioration intelligence
b) impaired recall & new ability to learn

45) multiple calcification in the brain or cystic calcification in the brain or comma shaped calcification seen in
a) CMV
b) neurocysticercosis
c) tuberous sclerosis
d) toxoplasmosis

46)On CT scan, all are seen as hypodense area except
a) cerebral hemorrhage
b) glioblastoma
c) cerebral edema
d) cerebral infarct

47) hypertensive bleed mostly occurs in
b) pons
c) cortex
d) thalamus

48) back-wash ileitis is seen in
a) crohn's diseases
b) ulcerative colitis

49) leukemoid reaction type 2 in leprosy is due to
a) type I hypersensitivity
b) Type II hypersensitivity
c)type III hypersensitivity
d) type IV hypersensitivity

50) systematic desensitization as form of therapy is done in
a) phobia
b) obsessive compulsive disorder