ITBPF Question-Paper Contributed by Aneesh updated on Aug 2019

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1. Judge : court ::Doctor : ?

2. The Rajya Sabha has to return Money Bills passed by the Lok Sabha within 14 days. If does not do so,the bill is :
(A)Deemed to have been passed by both the houses
(B)To be introduced in the Lok Sabha again
(C)To be referred to the Supreme Court
(D)To be introduced in a joint sitting of both the houses

3. The first Indian navy ship that returned home recently after voyage around the globe is :
(A)INS Kunjali
(B)INS Sanjeevani
(C)INS Prabal
(D)INS Tharangini

4. The number of nominated members of Rajya Sabha is :

5. The Chief Election commissioner is appointed by :
(A)The chief Justice of India
(B)The Parliament
(C)The President
(D)The Prime Minister

6. The exclusive monopoly right granted by the government for a new invention to an inventor is known as :
(A)Trade Mark
(B)Copy right
(C)Design right

7. Our constituent Assembly was chaired by :
(B)Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(C)Shyamaprasad Mukherji
(D)Vallabhai Patel

8. Chipko movement is associated with :
(A)Protection of environment
(B)Protection of human rights
(C)Protection of street boys
(D)protection of leprosy patients

9. Stock Exchanges in India are regulated by :
(D)Exim Bank

10. Who is the author of "India in the New Millinneum" ?
(B)Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
(C)Kuldip Nayyar
(D)Vikram Seth

11. The highest observatory in the world is situated in :

12. In our state sandal wood is cultivated at :

13. All nations have been observing ... every year as No Tobacco Day .
(A)9th January
(B)31st May
(C)8th October
(D)3rd September

14. Name of latest U.S. robot that landed in Mars is :
(D)None of these

15. The newly appointed Chairman of the National Commission on Farmers is :
(A)Varghese Kurian

16. " Merdeka Cup " is associated with :
(D)Water polo

17. India is planning to send a spacecraft to Moon. The code name given to this project is :
(A)Operation Black Sea
(B)Milan - 2003
(C)Mission Somayana
(D)Operation Chandramukhi

18. Name the Speaker of the 13th Lok Sabha :
(A)Murali Manohar Joshi
(B)Manohar Joshi
(C)Somnath Chatterjee
(D)Yeran Naidu

19. Indira Gandhi Peace Prize for 2003 was given to
(A)Kofi Annan
(B)Yasar Arafat
(C)Vladimir Putin
(D)Ahmed Karzai

20. The number of languages officially recognized by our Constitution is :

21. Who gave the title of 'Father of the Nation ' to Gandhiji ?
(A)Rabindranath Tagore
(B)Subhash Chandra Bose
(C)K.D Malarya
(D)Clement Atlee

22. Bengal was partitioned in :

23. Who was the Governor General of India on 16th August 1947 ?
(A)Lord Mountbatten
(B)Lord Canning
(C)C. Rajagopalachari
(D)Anandashayanam Ayyenkar

24. The real name of Vikramaditya was :
(A)Krishna I
(B)Chandragupta II
(C)Amoghavarsha IV

25. "Vana mahotsav" was the brain -child of :
(A)K.M Munshi
(B)Vinoba Bhave
(C)Sundarlal Bahuguna
(D)Nandlal Bose

26. -------- taught us the brotherhood of Hindus and Muslims :
(C)Ram Mohan Roy
(D)Kabir Das

27. "Silver Revolution " relates to :
(A)Milk production
(B)Egg production
(C)Wheat production
(D)Water preservation

28. "Therukkooth" is the popular dance form of :
(A)Andhra Pradesh
(C)Tamil Nadu

29. The Committee that studied the feasibility of funding of elections by state was :
(A)Nariman Committee
(B)Indrajit Gupta Committee
(C)Raja chellayya Committee
(D)Narasimhan Committee

30. Who is known as the father of local self governments ?
(A)Lord Macaulay
(B)Lord Lytton
(C)Lord Canning
(D)Lord Rippon

31. The global plan to save the earth from devastation is known as :
(A)Catch - 22
(B)Agenda - 21
(C)Vision 2004
(D)Probman - 150

32. The dowry system emerged during the :
(A)Maurya period
(B)Vedic period
(C)Mughal period
(D)Gupta period

33. The language that developed in our country as a result of Hindu-Muslim unity is :

34. In which battle Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Mohammad Ghori
(A)Second battle of Panipat
(B)Second battle of Tarain
(C)First battle of Panipat
(D)First battle of Tarain

35. Who was the publisher of the daily "Swadeshabhimani" edited by Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai ?
(A)K .Ayyappan
(B)Kesari Balakrishna Pillai
(C)Vakkom Abdul Khader Maulavi
(D)Vengayil Kunjiraman Nayanar

36. The link between the President of india and the Union Cabinet is the
(A)Prime Minister
(B)Cabinet Secretary
(C)Minister for Parliament Affairs
(D)Attorney General

37. The Indian social worker best known for his work among leprosy patients :
(A)Baba Amte
(D)Medha Patkar

38. Who is known as the "Saint of the Gutters" ?
(A)Florence Nightingale
(B)Mother Teresa
(C)Joan of Arc

39. India adopted a parliamentary form of government based on :
(A)American model
(B)Russian model
(C)British model
(D)French model

40. Our tenth Five Year Plan was started in the year :

41. 3/4th of 1/3rd of 4/5th of a number is 90. Then the number is :

42. The ages of a father and son are 41 and 16 years respectively. In how many years will the father be twice as old as his son ?
(A)10 years
(B)8 years
(C)9 years
(D)12 years

43. A candidate who gets 30% of the total marks in a test fails by 50 marks. Another candidate who gets 320 marks fails by 50 marks . Another candidate who gets 320 marks fails by 30 marks . What are the

44. By selling 200 mangoes a man gains the selling price of 40 mangoes. His profit margin on cost is :

45. The average of 11 numbers is 50. The average of the first six numbers is 49 and that of the last six is 52. If so, the sixth number is :

46. How much time does a train , 280m long,running at a speed of 72km/hr,take to cross a bridge of 220m long ?
(A)25 seconds
(B)30 seconds
(C)35 seconds
(D)60 seconds

47. 75% of the students in a school are boys . If the number of girls students is 420,the number of boys is :

48. 0.1 x 0.1 x 0.1

49. A and B can complete a piece of work in 10 and 15 days respectively . In how many day they can complete the same work if they do it together ?
(A)10 days
(B)6 days
(C)7 1/2 days
(D)8 days

50. The simple interest on a certain sum deposited at 8% interest per,annum for three years is Rs.576.The sum deposited is :