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ITBPF Paper |   210

                                            Police Constable Study Material

1. The first head quarters of the New York Stock Exchange was at:
(A)Dalai Street
(B)Wall Street
(C)Silk Street
(D)Anna Salai

2. A website that helps one to visit and view the three dimensional pictures of places:
(A)Google Earth
(B)Google Mail
(C)Google Desk Top
(D)Google Video Player

3. The latest country which became the member of UNO is :

4. The name of the Japanese organisation that manufactures paper planes:
(A)Japan Origami Aeroplane Association
(B)Japan Origami Aeroplane Congress
(C)Japan Origami Council
(D)Japan Origami Union

5. The first Indian Lunar Space Mission :
(C)Luna code
(D)Space Odyssey

6. The date on which the World Health Day is observed :
(A)April 7
(B)April 1
(C)April 5
(D)April 30

7. The director of Newspaper Boy :
(A)Ramu Kariat
(B)P. Ramdas

8. The name of the first Insurance Company in India:
(A)The bombay Mutual assurance company LTD
(B)SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd
(C)The LIC of India
(D)ING Vysya Insurance Co

9. The cause for the Punnapra Vayalar appraisal of 1946 :
(A)Russian Model Constitutional Reforms
(B)Ahammed Nagar Model
(C)American Model Reforms
(D)European Model Reforms

10. The Defense Minister when Goa was annexed to the Indian Union in 1961:
(B)A.K. Antony
(C)Pranab Kumar Mukherjee
(D)V.K. Krishna Menon

11. The controversial part of Indo American Nuclear Pact :
(A)203 Act
(B)144 Act
(C)Hyde Act
(D)Paris Agreement

12. The technique the British adopted to strengthen their position in India:
(A)Hit and run
(B)Work to rule
(C)Work overtime
(D)Divide and Rule

13. The first Europeans who came over to India were:
(A)The English
(B)The Dutch
(C)The Portuguese
(D)The French

14. The author of the work History will absolve me ,
(B)Karl marx
(C)Indira Gandhi
(D)Fidel Castro

15. The name given to the government elected in 1887 in Paris :
(A)Paris Committee
(B)Paris Corporation
(C)Paris Commune
(D)Paris Municipality

16. The war of 1839 between England and China :
(A)World War
(B)Crimean War
(C)Cold War
(D)Opium War

17. The first country enacted the first rigid written constitution in the world :
(C)The USA
(D)Saudi Arabia

18. The organization replaced the GATT :

19. The President of the Kerala Sahithya Academy :
(A)M.T.Vasudevan Nair
(D)Sukumar Azhikode

20. The chairman of the Kerala law reforms commission:
(A)Soli Sorabji
(B)Justice Khalid
(C)Sudhakar Prasad
(D)V.R.Krishna Iyer

21. The chairman of the National Knowledge Commission:
(A)Sam Pitroda
(D)Montek Singh Aluvalia

22. The scheme launched by the central government to benefit the girl child :
(A)Dhana Lakshmi
(B)Dhanya Sree
(C)Dhana sree
(D)Money Plus

23. The disorder caused due to the deficient nutrient vitamin C:
(D)Night blindness

25. The International Year of Sanitation:

26. The tax obese Australians have to pay :
(A)Fat tariff
(B)Fat tax
(C)Service tax
(D)Sales tax

27. The International Publication that prepares the annual rich list:
(A)The Forbes Magazine
(B)The New York Times
(C)Daily Mirror
(D)Indian Express

28. The author of science fiction called 'A Space Odyssey':
(A)Issac Asimov
(B)Arthur C.Clarke
(C)Nirmala Deshpande
(D)Bertrand Russell

29. The secretary general of the UNO :
(A)Nelson Mandela
(B)Ban-ki Moon
(C)Boutros Gale

30. The most sophisticated Indian Oceanography research vehicle:
(A)Sagar Samrat
(B)Sagar Nidhi
(D)INS Dronacharya

31. The Missile Man of India :
(C)Meghnath Saha
(D)None of these

32. The first Chief Minister of Kerala State was :
(B)K. Karunakaran

33. Kerala State was formed in the year :
(D)None of these

34. The Prime Minister of Pakistan :
(A)Bilaval Bhutto
(B)Nawas Shareef
(C)Sayed Yousuf Raza Gilani
(D)Asif Sardari

35. The country won the Under 19 Cricket World Cup 2008:
(A)Sri Lanka
(C)South Africa

36. The missile,ship to shore version test fired by India:
(A)Agni 1

37. The newly elected President of Russia:
(C)Vladimir Putin
(D)Dmitry Medvedev

38. The first satellite launched by India in 1975 was:
(A)Early Bird
(D)Insat 1

39. Heat required to raise the temperature of 1 kg of water by 1? C is termed as :

40. Animals depending upon other animals for food are:

41. The project started by the Government of India to save tigers from extinction:
(A)Save Tiger
(B)Tiger Sanctuary
(C)Tiger Reserve
(D)Project Tiger

42. The Earth Summit 1992 held to converse bio-diversity:
(A)New Delhi
(B)Savo Polo
(C)Rio de Janereiro
(D)New York

43. The Silent Valley is called so because of :
(A)The absence of Lion
(B)The absence of Tiger
(C)The absence of Fox
(D)The absence of Cieada

44. The species no longer exist on the earth :
(A)Red Panda
(B)Pigmy hog

45. One horned Rhinoceros are found in :
(A)Eravikulam National Park
(B)Gir National Park
(C)Kaziranga National Park
(D)Silent Valley