ITBPF Paper Contributed by Mrunal updated on Aug 2019
ITBPF Paper |   240

                                 ITBP Placement Paper - General Awareness

1. The most appropriate measure for measuring the standard of living of a country is
a) National Income
b) Personal Income
c) Disposable Icome
d) Per Capita Income

2. The longest of the following rivers is the 
a) Brahmaputra
b) Ganga
c) Yamuna
d) Mahanadi

3. Which of the following is not a condition for Inidan citizenship? 
a) Property
b) Birth
c) Heredity
d) Nationality

4. The number of MPs that can be nominated to the Parliament by the President of India is 
a) 12
b) 14
c) 02
d) 16

5. The capital of India was transferred to Delhi from
a) Bombay
b) Calcutta
c) Chennai
d) Hyderabad

6. Which Veda contains a collection of spells and charms?
a) Rig Veda
b) Atharva Veda
c) Sama Veda
d) Yajur Veda

7. Which sea has the lowest salinity?
a) Red Sea
b) Dead Sea
c) Arabian Sea
d) Baltic Sea

8. The original home of Eucalyptus tree is 
a) Britain
b) Australia
c) India
d) Russia

9. ‘Vanilla essence’ used in foods is extracted from the following part of the plant
a) Leaves
b) Stems
c) Pods
d) Flowers

10. ‘Salk’ vaccine is used for vaccination against
a) Smallpox
b) Polio
c) Rabies
d) Measles

11.Which of the following is a group of fat soluble vitamins?
a) A, B, C, K
b) A, C, E, K
c) A, D, E, K
d) A, B, C,D

12. In a dry cell, the electrolyte is
a) Copper sulphate
b) Ammonium chloride
c) Zinc Sulphate
d) Maganese oxide

13. The instrument used for measuring blood pressure is called 
a) a manometer
b) a barometer
c) a tonometer
d) a sphygnomanometer

14.Which of the following involves the performance of more than one task at a time?
a) Multithreading
b) Multitasking
c) Multiusing
d) Multi operation

15.Which of the following roads is at the highest altitude?
a) Madhya Pradesh to Maharashtra
b) Maharashtra to Karnatka
c) Manali – Leh Road
d) Sikkim to Darjeeling

16. Which of the following is an antiseptic?
a) Phenol
b) Glucose
c) Toluene
d) Cellulose

17. An aquarium is an example of which type of ecosystem
a) Natural aquatic
b) Artificial aquatic
c) Natural marine
d) Natural estuarine

18. Which gas in the atmosphere absorbs ultraviolet rays?
a) Nitrogen
b) Helium
c) Ozone
d) Carbon dioxide

19. In the 2010 Asian Games held in Guangzhou, China from November 12 to November 27, 2010 India got a total tally of
a) 57 medals
b) 64 medals
c) 83 medals
d) 101 medals

20. The National Game of India is 
a) Kabbadi
b) Cricket
c) Hockey
d) Kho-Kho

21. Giddha is folk dance of 
a) Punjab
b) Himachal Pradesh
b) Haryana
d) Rajasthan

22. Who amongest the following is not a recepient of ‘Bharat Ratna’?
a) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan 
b) V.V Giri
c) R. Venkataraman
d) APJ abdul Kalam

23. Vijaywada is located on the bank of the river 
a) Tapti
b) Kaveri
c) Narmda
d) Krishna

24. The shape of the earth’s orbit is 
a) oval
b) elliptical
c) circular
d) semi-circular

25. The Heavy Vehicles Factory is located at
a) Jabalpur
b) Bengaluru
c) Avadi
d) Hyderabad