ITBPF Interview Questions Contributed by Ankush updated on Jul 2019

                                                ITBP Interview Questions

Here I am giving you some preparation tips for ITBP Interview examination below should be physically and mentally prepare for interview examination. you have to take all required documents in Interview examination .You must be confident in interview examination and give answer in perfect language …you should be wear formal dresses , not wear informal dresses in interview. before entering in interview room firstly take permission of examiner and It Is also important that you will make an eye contact with interview examiner it shows your confidence level .. In interview use good body language to explain your thoughts.Some of interview questions are given below:

1. Tell me about yourself?

2. What you know about ITBP ?

3. Why you want to join ITBP?

4. About your strengths and weakness

5. Interviewer frequently asks situation reaction questions.

6. What is the importance of ITBP ?