ITBPF General-Awareness Contributed by Girish updated on Aug 2019

ITBPF General Awareness Solved Questions with answers


1.  The Chilka Lake liea in between the deltas of
a) Ganga and Mahanadi
b) Godavari and Krishna
c) Mahanadi and Godavari      (Ans)
d) Krishna and Kaveri

2.  The deficiency of which one of the following leads to dental caries?
a) Zinc
b) Iron
c) Fluorine      (Ans)
d) Copper

3. Who built the Red Fort in Delhi?
a) Aurangzed
b) Shah Jahan      (Ans)
c) Jahangir
d) Akbar

4. Which country has the world's youngest monarch?
a) Togo
b) Qatar
c) Monaco
d) Bhutan   (Ans)

5. Which languages have recently been declared as classical languages?
a) Kannada and Telugu    (Ans)
b) Tamil and Telugu
c) Tamil and Marathi
d) Bengali and Urdu

6. Who has written 'The White Tiger'?
a) Jhumpa Lahiri
b) Aravind Adiga    (Ans)
c) Kiran Desai
d) Salman Rushdie

7. India is the ......... country to send a spacecraft to the moon
a) 4th
b) 5th
c) 6th   (Ans)
d) 7th

8. The Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology is located in
a) Mumbai
b) Kolkata
c) Bengaluru
d) Hyderabad    (Ans)

9. The highest Civilian award of India, the 'Bharat Ratna' was last awarded to
a) Pandit Bhimsen Joshi   (Ans)
b) Ustad Bismillah Khan
c) Pandit Jasraj
d) Ustad Zakir Hussain

 10. Mr. Barack Hussein Obama is set to become the ..... President of the United States of America on 20th January 2009
a) 42nd
b) 44th   (Ans)
c) 46th
d) 48th

11. India has the ........ rank in teledensity in the world at present 
a) 1st
b) 2nd   (Ans)
c) 3rd
d) 4th

12. Where are Asiatic wild ass found
a) Sikkim
b) Assam
c) Arunachal Pradesh
d) Gujarat   (Ans)

13. Which Article of the Indian Constitution includes the Fundamental Duties of the Indian Citizens
a) Article 50 A
b) Article 51 A  (Ans)
c) Article 52 A
d) Article 53 A

14. Under the Indian Constitution, the power to issue a writ of 'Habeas corpus' is vested in
a) Both Supreme Court and High Courts   (Ans)
b) Only High Courts
c) Only Supreme Court
d) All courts down to District Courts

 15. During whose regime did the 'Cripps Mission' visit India
a) Lord Wellington
b) Lord Mountbatten
c) Lord Wavell
d) Lord Linlithgow   (Ans)

16.  Which of the following elements is not present in stainless steel?
a) Chromium
b) Iron
c) Tungsten   (Ans)
d) Nickel

 17. Which of the following wave lengths of light is absorbed maximum for photosynthesis
a) Blue Light   (Ans)
b) Red Light
c) Green Light
d) Yellow Light

 18. Inflation occurs when aggregate supply is
a) Equal to aggregate demand
b) More than aggregate demand
c) Less than aggregate demand   (Ans)
d) None of the above

 19. El Nino is
a) A sea storm  (Ans)
b) A tropical disturbance
c) a warm ocean current
d) Another name of typhoon

 20. Nuclear reactors used to produce electricity are based on?
a) Cold Fusion
b) Superconductivity
c) Nuclear Fusion
d) Nuclear Fission   (Ans)