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EnglishDirections (For Questions 1 to 4): In these questions, out of the four alternatives choose the one which express the correct meaning of the given word printed in bold.
 1.  Encompassing
a) Surrounding
b) Incorporating   (Ans)
c) Enveloping
d) Accepting

 2. Prudence
a) Wisdom    (Ans)
b) Gentleness
c) Providence
d) Pride

 3. Fetter
a) Restore
b)  Lavish
c) Squander
d) Chain    (Ans)

4. Diligent
a) Slack
b) Steady
c) Careful
d) Laborious     (Ans)

Directions (For Question 5 and 6) : In these questions, out of the four alternatives choose the one which is the most opposite in meaning to the word printed in bold

5. Commendable
a) Invaluable
b) Undeserved
c) Unreliable
d) Unworthy     (Ans)

6. Frugality
a) Luxury
b) Extravagance     (Ans)
c) Providence
d) Familiarity

 7. Substitute a single word for One who hates mankind
a) Mercenary
b) Philanthropist
c) Neurotic
d) Misanthropist     (Ans)

8. Substitute a single word for 'Violation of something holy and sacred'
a) Pollution
b) Pilferage
c) Sacrilege     (Ans)
d) Pittance

 9. Fill in the blank with a suitable wordHe was apprised ......... the latest developments on the war front
a) of     (Ans)
b) about
c) on
d) for

 10. Find out the word which is spelt incorrect
a) Proficient
b) Efficient
c) Sufficient
d) Magnificient     (Ans)

Direction - In each of the questions below choose, from the alternatives given, the word which is Most Nearly The Same In Meaning of the numbered word.
1.  Alacrity :

(A) Briskness  (answer)
(B) Fear
(C) Frankness
(D) Alarm
(E) None

 2.  Busy :
(A) Active
(B) Occupied
(C) Preoccupied  (answer)
(D) Diligent
(E) None

 3.  Bitterness :
(A) Sourness
(B) Hoarseness
(C) Acrimony  (answer)
(D) Aspersion
(E) None

 4.  Sterile :
(A) Dry
(B) Barren  (answer)
(C) Childless
(D) Arid
(E) None

 5.  Altercation :
(A) Choice
(B) Charge
(C) Heated dispute  (answer)
(D) Distribution
(E) None

 6.  Prohibit :
(A) Prescribe
(B)  Forfeit
(C) Forbid  (answer)
(D) Provide

 7.  Stupid :
(A) Rude
(B) Dull (answer)
(C) Illiterate
(D) Obstinate

 8.  Synopsis :
(A) Index
(B) Mixture
(C) Summary (answer)
(D) Puzzle

 9.  Graphic :
(A) Moving
(B) Timid
(C) Obvious  (answer)
(D) Instructive

 10.  Showy :
(A) Rowdy
(B) Hungry
(C) Greedy
(D) Gaudy  (answer)

11.  Annihilate :
(A) Destroy  (answer)
(B) Entrain
(C) Forward
(D) Testify

 12.  Pacify :
(A) Gather
(B) Allot
(C) Calm  (answer)
(D) Remit

13.  Liberal :
(A) Broad-minded
(B) Generous (answer)
(C) Visionary
(D) Imaginative

 14.  Security :
(A) Boldness
(B) Safety  (answer)
(C) Fearlessness
(D) Confidence

 15.  Diligent :
(A) Fool
(B) Unhappy
(C) Hardworking  (answer)
(D) Disappointment