Indian Oil Corporation Ltd Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Anupreet Ramteke updated on May 2019

Indian Oil Recruitment through GATE 

The shortlist is made from GATE exam for the post of Officers and Assistant Officers.
After the shortlist is declared, you are called for the interview at their office.

Group Discussion :
6 people - 30 mins - Will India shine in the new political scenario?

Group Task :
6 people - 30 mins - Set of statements were given. You have to prioritise them in an order as a whole group, and you need to convince others which one should be placed where.

Interview :
4 members in a panel - 15-30mins -
* Tell me about yourself
* Why IOCL
* What do you know about IOCL
* Are you ready to shift anywhere

For Computer people:

* All the details about the projects you have done
* According to you which is the most important layer in the OSI Layering and why?
* Tell me something about Data Mining
* Are you ready to work if the job is not so technical related (because it will be maintenance sometimes)

IOCL R&D is really worth it but you can shift to R&D only if you have a M.Tech degree.