IndianCoastGuard Question-Paper Contributed by Naveen updated on Jun 2020
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                        Indian Coast Guard Assistant Commandants Exam Paper

1. Letters to diplomatic and govt. officials will be 
(a) Formal letter 
(b) DO letter 
(c) Service letter 
(d) Service note 

2. A CG court can be convened by 
(a) Central Government 
(b) DG ICG 
(c) Any officer empowered in this behalf by warrant of the DGICG 
(d) Any one of above 

3. A break in VG conduct is mandatory if 
(a) Character lower than very good is awarded 
(b) Good conduct badge is intentionally not awarded when due 
(c) Restoration of GCB has been intentionally delayed 
(d) All of the above 

4. Name the high speed memory used in the computer 
(a) RAM 
(b) Hard Disk 
(c) BIOS 
(d) Cache 

5. One of the most common cause of reduction gear failure is gear wear caused by scoring as a result of 
(a) Surface fatigue of gears 
(b) Inadequate lub oil film 
(c) Plastic flow of gears 
(d) Fretting corrosion by presence of water in oil 
Ans (b) 

6. The format used in a Compact Disk. 
(a) NTFS 
(b) FAT 
(c) CDI 
(d) CDR 

7. Protocol used to receive e-mails on internet 
(a) Outlook 
(b) TCP/IP 
(c) SMTP 
(d) POP 3 

8. ISO 9000 / 2002 defines 
(a) Quality Standard 
(b) Environment Standard 
(c) Company policy 
(d) All of the above 
Ans (a) 

9. Quality circle is a 
(a) group of employees working at one place who come forward to discuss work related problems 
(b) group of employees appointed by management for quality control 
(c) group of companies with similar quality standards 
(d) None of the above. 

10. MIS stands for 
(a) Military Information System 
(b) Management Information System 
(c) Movement Information System 
(c) Multiple Intelligent System 

11. What does RIC stand for 
(a) Rough Indicating Cost 
(b) Ration Issue Centre 
(c) Remote Image Camera 
(d) None of the above 

12. The six Sigma quality means 
(a) 02 defects per billion 
(b) Zero defects per billion 
(c) 2.7 defects per billion 
(d) 2% defects 
Ans (a) 

13. Montreal Protocol deals with 
(a) Controlling marine oil pollution 
(b) Controlling use of ozone depleting substances 
(c) Convention of dealing with POW 
(d) None of the above 
Ans (b) 

14. Halon 1301 is being phased out from developing countries by the year 
(a) 2010 
(b) 2011 
(c) 2012 
(d) 2020 
Ans (a) 

15. VED analysis stands for 
(a) Very Economic Desirable 
(b) Vital Efficient Desirable 
(c) Vital Essential Desirable 
(d) Vital Essential Distinctive 
Ans (c) 

16. SWOT analysis stands for 
(a) Strength Weakness Opportunity and Threat 
(b) Stamina Will Obesity Threat 
(c) Subtle Will Opportunity Threat 
(d) None of above 
Ans (a) 

17. Critical path in network analysis is 
(a) Shortest duration path between first to last activities of project 
(b) Shortest duration path between last two activities 
(c) Shortest duration path between central & last activities 
(d) Longest duration path between first & last activities 
Ans (d) 

18. Float of an activity in a network analysis is 
(a) Maximum amount of delay that can be permitted 
(b) Varieties to be considered for an activity 
(c) Second choice for duration of activity 
(d) None of the above 
Ans (a) 

19. W. Sdward Deming contributed total following points in Total Quality Management (TQM). 
(a) 12 
(b) 13 
(c) 14 
(d) 15 
Ans (c) 

20. ARD stands for 
(a) Always Ready Duty 
(b) Always Ready Data 
(c) Always Ready Delivery 
(d) Annual Review Demand 
Ans (d) 

21. PERT uses following time estimation for duration of an activity 
(a) One time 
(b) Two times 
(c) Three times 
(d) Continuous 
Ans (c)

22. The disadvantage of using CO2 for fire fighting is that 
(a) CO2 does not cool the fire. 
(b) They are not effective on class B fire. 
(c) They are corrosive. 
(d) Not effective on class C fire. 
Ans (a) 

23. When entering a compartment which is on fire 
(a) You must wear rubber gloves. 
(b) The flames should be beaten back from door with water fog. 
(c) A straight stream of water should be used to cool the door. 
(d) A straight stream of water should be used to cool the fire fighter. 
Ans (b) 

24. Metacentric height (GM) cannot be used as an indicator of stability at all angles of inclination as 
(a) M is not fixed at larger angles. 
(b) There is no M at larger angles. 
(c) G is not fixed at larger angles. 
(d) There is no G at larger angles. 
Ans (a) 

25. The value of maximum righting arm is dependent upon the position of the centre buoyancy and the 
(a) Longitudinal cg 
(b) Vertical location of cg 
(c) Transverse cg 
(d) Metacentric height 
Ans (b) 

26. Damage stability of a ship is the stability 
(a) Which exists when the wind speed is less than 50 kn. 
(b) Before collision 
(c) After flooding 
(d) At survival draft 
Ans (c)

27. What is the usual effect of moving weight from lower decks to upper decks? 
(a) Increase in stability 
(b) Reduced draft 
(c) Reduced stability 
(d) Reduced reserve buoyancy. 
Ans (c) 

28. Fire hoses should always be stowed in a manner which will allow 
(a) All sections to be quickly connected. 
(b) The nozzle end to be run out to fire. 
(c) All section are quickly drained. 
(d) Easy carrying of hose to any other location. 
Ans (b) 

29. The crank case of many diesel engines are kept under a slight vacuum to 
(a) Improve fuel economy 
(b) Improve air charge velocity’ 
(c) Reduce the risk of crank case explosion 
(d) All of the above 
Ans (c) 

30. Engine operating conditions may be indicated by the colour of exhaust smoke. Black smoke could indicate 
(a) Insufficient speed droop setting. 
(b) Overloaded engine. 
(c) Clogged drain holes in the oil control rings. 
(d) Complete combustion. 
Ans (b)