IndianCoastGuard Question-Paper Contributed by Naina Malhothra updated on Sep 2019


Model Question Paper for GD Officers


Total Marks : 150


Total Time   : 3 Hours


a) Part A 


Total Marks = 45


1. Which one of the following is not an adjustable error in a sextant? 


(a) Perpendicularity 
(b) Centering error 
(c) Side error 
(d) Collimation error 


2. Sun’s tide raising force is about...............% that of the moon.


(a) 45 % 
(b) 50 % 
(c) 55 % 
(d) 60 % 


3. A pilotage claim becomes time-bar if it is not forwarded and submitted within.............months. 


(a) 6 
(b) 12 
(c) 32 
(d) 24


4. While fixing a ship by two bearings of a single object, with a time interval between observations, the point of intersection of the transferred position line and the...........position line is the ship’s position at the time of ............observation. 
(a) Second, first 
(b) Second, second 
(c) First, first 
(d) First, second 


5. Indian Tide Tables gives tidal prediction for 
(a) Indian ports 
(b) Indian and selected foreign ports 
(c) Indian major ports 
(d) Indian major and foreign ports 


6. If pulse length of radar is 20 us, the range discrimination will be 
(a) 2000 yards 
(b) 1640 yards 
(c) 3280 yards 
(d) 1200 yards 


7. While altering your ship’s course to port in a foggy weathers. You will sound signals 
(a) Two shot blasts 
(b) Two short blasts in addition to the sound signals as applicable in restricted visibility 
(c) Two prolong blasts 
(d) Two prolong blasts in addition to …… 


8. Which one of the following is not a search pattern? 


(a) Rectangular 
(b) Circular 
(c) Expanding square 
(d) Intercepting 


9. A sector is to be searched, using normal sector search between bearing of 180 degree and 260 degree and to a depth of 200 miles. If the track spacing is 24, the number of aircraft required will be 


(a) 2 
(b) 3 
(c) 4 
(d) 5 


10. The effect of current and wind on the movement of ‘oil spill’ is approximately.


(a) 100 % & 3 %
(b) 100 % & 30 %
(c) 50 % & 30 %
(d) 50 % & Nil 


11. As a general rule, dispersants are capable of dispersing most liquid oils,liquid, water in oil emulsions with viscosities less then 


(a) 0 – 12000 c st 
(b) 5000 – 10000 c st 
(c) more then 2000 c st 
(d) Less then 2000c st 
12. Who is the Chairman of NMSARB. 


(a) DG Shipping 
(b) DGCG 
(c) PD(ops) at CGHQ 
(d) DDG CG. 


13. In case of a ‘SAR‘ mission, “A shore unit can never be ‘OSC’ is a............statement”. 


(a) Correct 
(b) Incorrect 
(c) Not acceptable 
(d) None of these


14. The headquarter of the IMO is located at 


(a) London 
(b) Geneva 
(c) Paris 
(d) New York 


15. Sector Search is mainly used 


(a) by FPVS 
(b) by aircraft 
(c) if low probability of contact at the start is needed. 
(d) number of ships but no aircraft available. 


16. A crude oil with less then 10 API will definitely 


(a) Float
(b) Sink
(c) Evaporate
(d) None of these


17. Entry of any vessel, other than specifically engaged, is prohibited within ...............meters of an oil rig. 


(a) 500 mtrs 
(b) 1 Nm 
(c) 5 Nm 
(d) 1000 mtrs. 


18. Total number of ‘ASEAN’ member countries is 


(a) 10 
(b) 11 
(c) 12 
(d) 13 


19. Public mess traps under the charge of officer’ mess should be reflected in the audit sheet as. 


(a) Liability 
(b) Assets 
(c) Not be reflected at all 
(d) None of these


20. The validity of money warrant is 


(a) financial year 
(b) calendar year 
(c) assessment year 
(d) none of these 


21. The extent of continental shelf is from 


(a) Base line to 24 Nm 
(b) Base line to 200 Nm 
(c) Base line to minimum 200 Nm 
(d) Base line to 12 Nm 


22. Which of the following do not have financial powers? 


(a) DGCG 
(b) DDG 
(c) COMCG 


23. The DTG on a “Enemy contact report’ will be allotted by 


(a) MSO 
(c) Drafter 
(d) Originator 
24. The maximum permissible time for clearance of message of priority 


(a) 15 MIN 
(b) 2 Hrs 
(c) 4 Hrs 
(d) 12Hrs


25. DGCG is while visiting ashore, is entitled for the guard. 


(a) 51 men 
(b) 50 men 
(c) 21 men 
(d) None of the above 


26. Rate of fire of 40/60 gun is (while elevation is 60 degrees) 


(a) Max 60 rds/min 
(b) Max 2 rds/min 
(c) Max 240 rds/min 
(d) 300rds/min 


27. Diesel alternators fitted onboard CG ships are 


(a) Fixed RPM engine 
(b) Variable fuel engine 
(c) Fixed fuel rack engine 
(d) All of the above 


28. For the purpose of ‘ROR’ a sea plane is mostly considered as 


(a) a power devoir vessel 
(b) A WIG 
(c) A hovercraft 
(d) None of these 


29. The term ‘prolonged blast’ means a blast of 


(a) 2.4 seconds 
(b) 3-5 seconds 
(c) 4-6 seconds 
(d) 3-6 seconds 


30. The term ‘Height above the hull’ means height above of the ..........this height shall be measured from the position vertically beneath the location of light. 


(a) water line 
(b) upper most continuous deck 
(c) lower most continuous 
(d) keel of the ship 

31. The major fire fighting system (HALON), being potential threat to the Ozone layer, will be phased out from developing countries by 


(a) 2009 
(b) 2010 
(c) 2011 
(d) 2012 
32. The stabilizers fitted on OPVs are of the following type 


(a) Retractable fin 
(b) Non-retractable fin 
(c) Semi retractable 
(d) None of the above 

33. If you want to double the range of the radar, power output will have to be increased 


(a) Two times 
(b) Three times 
(c) Four times 
(d) Five times 


34. Which of the control marking will be orange colour? 


(a) X and Y 
(b) Y and Z 
(c) Z and A 
(d) A and M 
35. While undergoing ‘RAS’ the abeam distance between two ships is measured by. 


(a) 108 meters of 8 mm manila rope 
(b) 108 meters of 12 mm manila rope 
(c) 102 meters of 12 mm manila rope 
(d) 102 meters of 8 mm manila rope 


36. Which one of the following is the most desirable trait in leader? 


(a) ability to communicate 
(b) ability to fight 
(c) ability be delegate 
(d) None of the above


37. Which of the following is “line of sight” communication? 


(a) HF 
(b) VHF 
(d) None of the above 
38. Which one is not the part of sail? 


(a) Shroud 
(b) Spring hawks 
(c) Barricades 
(d) Travelers 

39. Battle of INCHON was fought between 


(a) Allied force and US 
(b) US and Russia 
(c) Germany, Korea 
(d) None of the above 


40. Falkland war was fought between 


(a) Argentina & Italy 
(b) Argentina & UK 
(c) Italy & UK 
(d) None of the above 


41. Name the captain of the ship that India lost during 1971 war.


(a) Capt Oberai 
(b) Capt Shekhavat 
(c) Capt Nadkarni 
(d) Capt Mullah 


42. Protocol used to receive e-mails on internet is 


(a) Outlook 
(b) TCP/IP 
(c) Internet Explorer 
(d) POP 3 


43. Earthing of an electrical equipment is done to ensure safety of 


(a) Equipment 
(b) Personnel 
(c) To economise the bill 
(d) None of the above


b) Part B 


Total Marks: 45


All questions carry 2 marks.


1. List the factors affecting ‘visual detection’ of the contact 


2. Differentiate between “Pollution control” and pollution response”. 


3. Write the working principle of “weir skimmer”.


4. List three definite phases of barometer, when a storm is going to pass uncomfortably close to the observer. 


5. List the sections of Navigation data Book. 


6. Write a short note on Tsunami 


7. List any three powers delegated to CG officers under merchant shipping act 1956 


8. Write a short note on “Treatment of POW”. 


9. Explain ‘Broach to and Pooping’. 


10. List ‘five defects in paint work and explain any two of than.


11. Write a short note on Indo – US nuclear cooperation agreement. 


12. Write a brief back ground of “Sir Creek” problem between India and Pakistan. 


13. Write a short note on “Receiver of the wreck”. 


14. List components and stages of SAR. 


15. Explain the safeties on engines of an OPV. Which one cannot be by passed at all? 


16. Draw and explain the propulsion system on board an OPV. 


17. Explain the circumstances when a vessel is deemed as overtaking vessel. 


18. Write short note on broadcast ‘LN’. 
19. Write five advantages and disadvantages of diesel engines. 

20. List actions in case of a total power failure on board an OPV. 


21. Write a short note on the role of Indian Navy during Kargil war. 22. Define high seas. 


22. Write the ‘duties’ of CO, OOW and NO in blind pilotage organisation. 


c) Part C


Total Marks : 60

Each question carries 4 marks.
1. (a) List eight factors, you will consider while selecting a place for anchoring. 
    (b) Write a brief on “Cardinal Marks” used in region B of IALA systems. 


2. (a) A light is sighted 100  on the bow at an estimated distance of 12 Nm and it is desired to pass 4       Nm from the light. What is the clearance form the light on the present course and what alterations       of course are necessary. 
    (b) List five steps of blind pilotage execution. 


3. List the staff aspects to be considered while planning search by surface craft 

   (a) You are the XO and preparing to take another ship in tow. Explain the various preparations and           menthol till taking another ship in tow? 
   (b) Write down and explain qualities of an effective leader. 


4. (a) Name six important navigational publications 


    (b) List six methods of fixing a ship. 

5. You are the ‘MTO’ of the CG DHQ. You are given a task to hire a bus for school going children of the CG. Explain procedure. 


6. Explain permanent, consumable and quasi permanent stores and their accounting. 


7. Define 
   (a) WIG 

   (b) Restricted visibility 

   (c) Side lights 


   (d) Vessel ridiculed in her ability to manoeuvre 


8. Explain five important properties of oil that governs its behaviour. 


9. (a) Define search, patrol, tracking. 


    (b) Explain various communications channels resorted to while a SAR ops in undertaken 


10. Explain the duties of “authorized officers” as delegated under MZ1 al 1981. 


12. Write the responsibility of drafting and releasing officers.  Act 1951?