IndianCoastGuard Question-Paper Contributed by Prthivi Chowhan updated on May 2019

Indian coast gurad model question papers for preliminary tests in mental ability,language ability questions with answers.  Indian cost guard premiliminary test conists Picture perceptions tests,will consist of Mental Ability Test and Picture Perception and Discussion Test. Here are some example questions and answers for learn and practice
Directions—(Q. 1—10): In the following questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate and suitable word. Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four and indicate your correct response.

1. The bride settled…….. very well in the new environment.

(A) on

(B) down

(C) up

(D) off

Ans. (B)

2. His persuasive tone was able to tackle the boy whom other teachers had found……

(A) peripatetic

(B) obdurate

(C) tenacious

(D) squeamish

Ans. (B)

3. I always fall…….. old friends in times of need.

(A) over

(B) through

(C) back on

(D) off

Ans. (C)

4. The campers………. their tents at the base of the mountain.

(A) established

(B) grounded

(C) installed

(D) pitched

Ans. (D)

5. The party decided to take the shortest………… to its destination.

(A) root

(B) route

(C) distance

(D) direction

Ans. (B)

6. The manager needs to hold……… his anger.

(A) on

(B) with

(C) down

(D) back

Ans. (D)

7. The girl was very pleased……….. herself.

(A) in

(C) over

(B) on

(D) with

Ans. (D)

8. Desire………… self-expression is one of the basic qualities of man.

(A) for

(B) on

(C) by

(D) over

Ans. (A)

9. The farmers suffered because the monsoon did not arrive………. time.

(A) at

(B) by

(C) on

(D) after

Ans. (C)

10. If………… permits, we will go out for a walk.

(A) climate

(B) whether

(C) weather

(D) whither

Ans. (C)

Directions—(Q.11—20): In the following questions, four alternatives are given for the bold idiom/phrase. Choose the alternative which BEST EXPRESSES the MEANING of the bold idiom/ phrase and indicate your correct alternative.

11. The passing of anti-defection law struck a chill to the heart of every opportunistic legislator.

(A) caused anger

(B) caused relief

(C) aroused fear

(D) awakened bitterness

Ans. (C)

12. Our house is within a stone’s throw from the Red Building.

(A) far off

(B) far away

(C) very near to

(D) beside

Ans. (C)

13. He has a bone to pick with his cousin.

(A) reasonable agreement

(B) cause of quarrel

(C) cause of doubt

(D) difference of opinion

Ans. (B)

14. The day I graduated was a red-letter day for me.

(A) a dangerous day

(B) an important day

(C) an eventful day

(D) a formidable day

Ans. (B)

15. Many young artists were dropping names at the party to impress the gathering.

(A) talking proudly about their family members

(B) Using per names

(C) Hinting at high connections

(D) Talking informally

Ans. (D)

16. The teacher announced that she had no blue eyed boys in the class.

(A) Royal children

(B) Young boys

(C) Foreigners

(D) Favorites

Ans. (D)

17. The company has run into a lot of debts.

(A) Incurred

(B) Settled

(C) Opened up

(D) Avoided

Ans. (A)

18. He was confident that all his present sufferings will soon blow oer.

(A) Increase

(B) Pass off

(C) Be looked into

(D) Be taken care of

Ans. (B)

19. The teacher advised the students to take into account the advice given by the elders.

(A) To obey

(B) To neglect

(C) To consider

(D) To reject

Ans. (C)

20. The lawyer asked his assistant to collect the details regarding the pros and cons of the case.

(A) Ups and downs

(B) In and out

(C) Weak and strong

(D) For and against

Ans. (D)

Directions—(Q. Q. 21—25): In these questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given bold words/sentence and indicate your correct answer.

21. A government by officials.

(A) Oligarchy

(B) Aristocracy

(C) Plutocracy

(D) Bureaucracy

Ans. (D)

22. One who walks in sleep?

(A) Somniloquist

(B) Egoist

(C) Somnambulist

(D) Altruist

Ans. (C)

23. Commencement of adjacent words with the same letter.

(A) Pun

(B) Alliteration

(C) Transferred epithet

(D) Oxymoron

Ans. (B)

24. A specialist who tests eyesight.

(A) Optician

(B) Ophthalmologist

(C) Ichthyologist

(D) Neurologist

Ans. (B)

25. A wall built to prevent the sea or a river from flooding an area

(A) Dam

(B) Mound

(C) Dyke

(D) Embankment

Ans. (D)