IndianCoastGuard Interview Experience Contributed by Uday updated on May 2019

                                   Indian Coast Guard Interview Experience

                                                       Hai all !!! I attended the Preliminary selection board(PSB) in July. Among 62 I got selected for the Final selection board(FSB) along with Bipin who is the only person who got selected from south India. I waited for the FSB date and i got it as September 31 to report at Noida Final selection board Noida I reported at the selection center on September 31. During the time of reporting, I met with some people Abhishek later who was my room mate and also I met Pavan, Azim, Snehal, Pranav other people most of them were from Bombay region. The first day ended with the intro of all the room mates. The second day started with the Psychology test there is no need to explain about this test as already you know about this. I attempted best in WAT and SRT I explain very well in the stories. The day went well in the evening i went out side to enjoy the pani puri.
                                                      On next day it was GTO for our team from 36 to 45 as my chaste no was 37I was full confident about the group discussion our first topic was about the foreign investments and the second one was recording the fake baba’ s in India were supported by Indian politics in which I speak for some time and in the Group planning exercise I gave a very practical solution and explained the same and after completing the GTO I am the only person to go to the interview on the same day from my group.My interview was with the president of the Indian coast guard head quarters Mrs.Dangi he took my interview around one and a half hour. He stared with my journey from Hyderabad. He asked the questions like how you enjoyed your journey of 23 hours and after that he asked more questions on my PIQ then questions related to my employment and employer and he ended with my Negative points.

                                                        And i was free for next two days I visited Saket city mall with my friends and India gate and spent my next two days. On the day of Conference before my conference every body are going and coming back in seconds before i went in to the conference room I waited around 15 minutes and when I went in side I was asked some questions. My conference was around 20 minutes.I came out side the conference room every body in my batch started saying “Bhai ab tu tho recommended hai”. But I have in my mind that after result I’ll see.Right after the last person the result were declared after the first two persons my chest name was called chest no 37. that time full of joy in my mind and tears rolled down my eyes because that was my last attempt to join in defense forces and I was fortunate to clear it. I am very happy to say that I am in merit, waiting for the appointment order to join Indian Naval Academy.