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SSB Test Model Questions-Indian Navy-Candidates Experience


Day 1 of SSB has 2 rounds to be cleared.

1. Officer Intelligence Rating Test(OIR) 
2. Picture Perception and Discussion Test(PPDT)

1. Officer Intelligence Rating Test(OIR): 


In Officer Intelligence Rating test a set of both verbal and nonverbal reasoning is given. Here the time is less and the candidate has to solve more number of questions.First there will be a teaching session followed by a practice session. During this session of time candidates can raise their doubts to know how to solve a particular model. This session will be for around 20 to 30 minutes. After this session candidates have to write 2 tests. One of the papers is little bit hard when compared to others, overall the questions are easy to answer but the main factor is time.For each question paper there will be 50 questions. Candidates have to complete in 20 minutes. On a whole 100 questions 40 minutes.Some Questions which I faced:

1. Chocolate is to factory as milk is to..... write the second letter of your answer.
ANS: a
Exp: Dairy. Its not diary(be careful)

2. Find X

ANS: 1

2. Picture Perception and Discussion Test(PPDT) 

Picture Perception:
In this test candidates are required to write a story to a picture shown to them. The story must contain the past action that led to the situation shown in figure, what was going on at present and what will happen in the future.Candidates will be given a A4 sheet having a square box as shown in figure:
Picture will be shown for 30 seconds and 1 minute is allotted for the candidate to fill the following details:

1. Action : write the name of the story

2. Identify the characters in the square box. The first character seen by the candidate is to be encircled in the square box provided.
3. Provide the details of all the characters seen in the fig. Age, Mood (positive(+), negative(-), neutral(0)), Sex(male, female, person)
4. Write the approximate age, mood of the person in the figure; if you can identify the sex of the person write male (m) or female (f) else note it as person (p).

After filling the above details start writing the story you can name the characters if required. The time to complete writing the story is 4 minutes.Keep your story positive and as short as possible. Don’t write a story having terrorist attacks, fire accidents, military operations, police firings etc., maintain the theme that you have come across in your life and must be realistic. The hero’s character in the story must reflect your character and behavior.