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Direction (Q.1-5) (i) In this section a number of sentences are given. The sentences are marked in three separate parts and each one is labelled a, b and c. Read each sentence to find out whether there is an error in any marked part. No sentence has more than one error. When you find an error in any one of the marked parts a, b or c indicate your response on the separate Answer Sheet at the appropriate space. You may feel that there is no error in a sentence. In that case letter d will signify a 'No error' response. (ii) You have to indicate only one response for each item in your Answer Sheet (If you indicate more than one response, Your answer will be considered wrong) Errors may be in grammar, word usage or idioms. There may be a word missing or there may be a word which should be removed. (iii) You are not required to correct the error. You are required only to indicate your response on the answer sheet.

1.    You are welcome to join us for dinner(a),/as such it is(b) /we are only having soup and bread (c)/No error (d)       
Ans : b
2.    The entire locality(a)/ has been effected by (b)/the new motor way(c)/No error(d).
Ans : b
3.    The rock star turned his back(a)/ at his family(b) /when he became famous (c)/ No error (d).
Ans : b
4.    Neelam wanted to be actress, (a)/but her father soon(b)/nipped that idea in the bud(c)/No error(d).
Ans : a
5.    The team's captain lobbed(a)/the ball over her opponent's head(c)/to the back of the court(c)/No error(d).
Ans : d

Direction (Q.6-9) In each of the following items, a related pair of words is followed by four pairs of words . Select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.
(a)    Spread : Gossip
(b)    Broach : Topic
(c)    Quash : Riot            Ans
(d)    Restrain : Effusive

(a)   Distract : Attention
(b)   Mute : Sound           Ans
(c)   Decrepit : Demolition
(d)   Reverse : Direction

(a)   Contented : Happiness
(b)   Apologetic : Deny
(c)   Marathon : Stamina
(d)   Emaciated : Nourishment           Ans

(a)   Intolerable : Defect
(b)   Invulnerable : Emotion
(C)   Irreversible : Cure
(d)   Impeccable : Flaw          Ans

Direction (Q.10-19) In the following items, some parts of the sentence have been jumbled up. You are required to rearrange these parts which are labelled P, q, R and S to produce the correct sentence. Choose the proper sequence in each case.
10.    With rise
        P : like Bangladesh would experience severe flooding and erosion of land
        Q : in sea levels now
        R : island countries like the Maldives and low-lying coastal countries
        S : an  unequivocal cetainly
Which one of the following is the correct sequence ?
(a)    QPRS
(b)    RSQP
(c)    QSRP          Ans
(d)    RPQS

11.    In medicine
        P : Mind, emotions, social environment and spirit
        Q : often ignored a holistic perspective, that is the body's interaction with
        R : the emphasis has tended
        S : to focus on the human body, but it has
Which one of the following is the correct sequence ?
(a)    QPSR
(b)    RSQP          Ans
(c)    RPSQ
(d)    QSPR

12.    Climatologists are 
         P :  the earth as a whole is becoming warmer
         Q :  Antarctica would seem to be bucking the trend
         R :  and largely due to incr