Impetus Technologies Inc. Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Jumana updated on Jun 2019


Hello Friends, the format of the paper is they ask 10 simple qs of logical reasoning and 30 technical qs with 2-3 qs on all the topics ranging from DBMS,S/w engg.,networking,c,c++ etc. for the preperation u can refer multiple chice questions in computer science book by Timothy  J Williams.the cut off is 50% and time given is r a few qs.   1) for(i=1;i<=3;i++) { printf("%d",i); continue; i++; } ans: 1,2,3   2)if(a=0) printf(" a is 0 "); else printf(" a is not 0 ");   3)which are distructive testing   4)wat is the size of new generation ip x addreass(IP x 6)   5) wat is the initial IP address(IP x 4)   6)Que is implemented by array and linked list   7)more SQL IN or EXISTS both depended on the requirement.   8)In sql wat is not true ans : c(index are not unique)   9)banker algorithm is used for deadlock avoidance   10)which is not s/w testing technique ans:syntax testing   11) 7 virtual table ,7 virtual pointers   12)size of *p,p,char*p   13)quicksort ans: divide and conquer   14)IP address -----.25,-------.240(subnet)   15)layer which divide frame into segment (networking)   16)data declaration statements r checked in which pass off assembler ans: pass1,pass2   17)which of the declaration statements r correct a)extern int i=0; b)extern int i; c)inti=10; ans:b)and c)(order of options may vary)   18)which of the following is not characteristic of testing a)observability b)operability c)simplicity d)understandability(according to me all r characteristics of testability)   19)dynamic cost   20)command to come out of shell ans:ctrl Z   21)union ans: static   22)command-size of file ans: ls-l   23)user   24)stmt by 2 ans:interpreter   25)denormalize ans: to merge the tables   26)which of the following is not true for bitfields ans:all of the above   27)love   28)chinese:asian ans: italian :european   29)shoes   30) how many lines in octagon for similar triangles ans: 4   31)afigure of pentagon with 2 dots n how many moves required is asked ans:2moves 32)age 16years   33)aaaa ans:emae   34)replace the first letter of every word so tht new words r formed ans:royal(L)   35)lawyer:court ans: sailor   36)coding the word ans:just reverse the word

(Paper Submitted By : Jumana)