ICMR Question-Paper Contributed by Martin updated on May 2020
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                                                      ICMR JRF Model Question Paper

1. Which of the following organelle is involved in photorespiration?
a) Peroxisomes
b) Ribosomes
c) Glyoxysomes
d) Dictyosomes

2. Which of the following is regarded as the “Living fossil”?
a) Cycas revoluta
b) Ginko biloba
c) Taxus brevifolia
d) Rhynia

3. What is the physiological pH of human beings?
a) 7
b) 6.8
c) 7.8
d) 7.4

4. Which of the following is a non ionizing radiation?
a) UV
b) X-ray
c) Beta
d) Gamma

5. BLOSUM stands for
a) Blocks amino acid substitution matrix
b) Basic local substitution matrix
c) Biological substitution matrix
d) Biological subtraction matrix

6. Brass is an alloy of
a) Cu and Zn
b) Cu and Ag
c) Zn and Ag
d) Zn and Fe

7. Which of the following is non-mutagenic?
a) Acridine
b) IR
c) UV
d) X-ray

8. Spontaneous theory of generation was disproved by
a) Louis Pasteur
b) Aristotle
c) Van Helmont
d) John Needham

9. Acid rain is due to
a) NO2
b) CO2
c) SO2
d) H2SO4

10. Which of the following is the best conductor of electricity
a) rain water
b) sea water
c) boiled water
d) distilled water

11. The unit of radioactive decay constant
a) Rontgen
b) Rad
c) Ram
d) Ampere

12. Spirulina is rich in
a) Carbohydrates
b) Fats
c) Proteins
d) Vitamins

13. The technology that involves silencing of transcriptional RNA
a) RNA interference
b) Antisense technology
c) RNA blocking
d) Transcriptional inactivation

14. Non essential amino acids include
a) methionine, lysine, leucine
b alanine, aspartate glutamate
c) threonine, valine, Histidine
d)isoleucine, valine, histidine

15. DNA foot printing is a technique for identifying
a) DNA-DNA binding
b) DNA-RNA binding
c) Protein-DNA binding
d) Protein- RNA binding

16. The expansion of one cell sheet over other cells during early embryonic development is called
a) epiboly
b) ingression
c) delamination
d) involution

17. In the alpha helix, the hydrogen bonds
a) are perpendicular to the helix axis
b) occur between the side chains
c) are roughly parallel to the helix axis
d) occur between only some of the amino acids

18. Identify the prochiral molecule in the citric acid cycle
a) Oxaloacetate
b) Citrate
c) Isocitrate
d) Succinate

19. ? phage can tranduce bacterial genes only at or near the gene involved in
a)galactose utilization
b) CAP
c) galactose repressor
d) repressor synthesis

20. The hydrolysis of GTP is caused by the transduction of the newly formed peptidyl-tRNA in the A site into the P site by
a) eEF-2
b) eEF-3
c) eIF-S
d) eIF-2

21. The enzymes which do not conform to Michaelis Menten kinetics such as asparate transcarbamolase are called
a) rennins
c) trypsins
d) allosteric enxymes

22. According to the clonal selection theory
a) an antibody changes its shape after binding to the antigen
b) there is no clonal selection in B cells
c) the animal contains many types of B cells, each producing one kind of antibody
d) each B cell produces many types of antibodies

23. Sympatric species are often similar in appearance because
a) appearances are often of little evolutionary significance
b) the genetic changes accompanying speciation are often small
c) the genetic changes accompanying speciation are often large
d) the traits that differ among species are not the same as the traits that differ among individuals within the species

24. Archaeopteryx is known as the missing/ connecting link because it is a fossil and has characters between
a) birds and reptiles
b) reptiles and mammals
c) chordates and non chordates
d) fishes and mammals

25. Histamine is released by macrophages
a) macrophages
b) mast cells
c) basophils
d) lymphocytes