ICAR-ASRB Placement Paper Contributed by Jaison updated on May 2019

                                                          IASRI Question Paper

1. Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) is a sanitary and required to prepare 10 litres of 0.1% spray material?
a) 2.0 g
b) 109
c) 209
d) 309

2. Insecticide fogs produced by thermal energy nozzles using a stream of hot gas to vapourise liquid pesticide form
a) Fogs of droplet size > 15 µm dia
b) Aerosol droplets of size < 15 µm dia 
c) High volume sprays
d) Mist droplet of size 20-500 pm dia

3. Mango stem borer complex belonging to the genus Batocera In India and adjacent S.E. Asian countries comprises of 
a) Only rufomaculata DeGeer
b) rufomaculata, rubus, royilel and numetor 
c) Only rubus (Linnaeus)
d) Only rufomaculata (DeGeer)

4. The hosts on which parasitoids oviposit readily, that they do not attack normally in the field are termed as
a) Factitious hosts
b) Alternate hosts
c) Laboratory hosts
d) Mass culture hosts

5. Phyl/ocnistis citrella is a leaf miner pest of 
a) Citrullus vulgaris -
b) Only Citrus sp., and it is a specific pest 
c) Citrus spp. + other Rutaceae
d) All Rutaceae

6. Vapour heat treatment as a quarantine measure is to be done between temperature range of
a) 40 and 47°C and hours of exposure is important
b) 50 and 57°C and hours of exposure is immaterial
c) 40 and 47°C and time and flow rate not important
d) 30 and 57°C and density of load is immaterial

7. Computer generated IPM models as practiced in developed countries like USA have synthesized menu based IPM systems comprising of'
a) Input of weather data + developmental models of significant pests
b) Pest risk analysis data
c) 1PM protocols of a single major pest
d) Simulated host phenology + input of weather data + developmental models of significant pests

8. Total Population Management (TPM) is the term framed by the proponents of
a) Genetic control - Knipling (1955)
b) Genetic control.,. Knipling (1966) 
c) Wide area management of fruit flies 
d) Genetic engineering

9. Sprays with a higher number of droplets of <1100 µm dia are categorized as 'very fine' and are
a) Recommended for crops due to high field efficacy
b) Efficient as these entirely deposit on plants effectively without any drift hazard
c) Not recommended for crops due to drift hazard
d) Recommended as these do not cause any pollution

10. The oxadiazine insecticide now picking up for pest control is
a) Indoxacarb
b) Indoxycarb
c). Indoxadiazine
d) Spinosad

11. An insecticide of new chemical class of spirocyclic phenyl substituted tetronic acid and active against Whiteflies and spider mites is
a) Imidacloprid
b) Spinosad
c) Spirodiclofen
d) Spiromesifen

12. Neonicotinoids act on the central nervous system of Insects through binding at the 
a) Synaptic nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
b) Post synaptic nicotinic acetyl choline receptor
c) Synaptic anticholinesterases
d) Synaptic acetylcholine

13. Monarch (model) and the viceroy (mimic) butterflies are classical examples of
a) Batesian mimicry named after Batesian 
b) Mullerian mimicry named after Fritz Muller 
c) Mullerian mimicry named after V. Mullerian
d) Batesian mimicry named after H.W. Bates 

14. Example of a selective carbamate insecticide toxic to aphids and Diptera
a) lndoxacarb
b) Pirimicarb
c) Endosulfan
d) Indoxycarb

15. Two or more identical scientific names that could cause a conflict of interpretation in taxonomy are
a) Primary homonyms
b) Synonyms
c) Homonyms
d) Holonyms

16. Speclation without geographic isolation results in
a) Apomictic species
b) Parapatric species
c) Successional species
d) Palaeospecies

17. Identification, nomenclature and classification as simplest components without analysis of any relationships at any level constitute what is called as
a) Biosystematics
b) Systematics
c) Taxonomy
d) International Code of Zoological Nomenclature and its articles

18. Example of a protein used as a major source of nitrogen for formation of adult tissues in the pupal stage is
a) Resilin
b) Pupiparin
c) Hox protein
d) Calliphorin

19. Uric acid Is deposited permanently in the epidermal., cells of the, abdomen forming distinct "
a) Black transverse bands in Dysdercus
b)White transverse bands in Dysdercus
c)Black transverse bands in Periplaneta 
d)White transverse bands in Periplaneta

20. Important and strongly stimulating phagostimulants for phytophagous insects are
a) Sugars especially glucose
b) Amino acids
c) Sugars especially sucrose
d) e-proline

21. Of the following, an insect demonstrated to show a hygrokinetic response with increased activity in moist air compared with dry air is 
a) Wireworms
b) Locust
c) Hydrophilid beetle
d) Ephemeropteran nymph

22. A complex form of phototaxis occurring in a moving insect and receiving a constant visual stimulus is called as
a) Kinesis
b) Menotaxis
c) Photokinesis
d) Mechanophototaxis

23. The innermost component of the integument attached by herriidesmosomes to the epidermal cells is
a) Epidermis
b) Endocuticle
c) Procuticle
d) Basal lamina

24. "An insect that requires and eats only one animal in its life span but may be ultimately responsible for killing many" is a
a) Parasitoid
b) Parasite
c) Koinobiont endoparasite
d) Koinobiont ectoparasite

25. Formation of hyperosmotic urine occurs in 
a) All terrestrial insects
b) Saltwater mosquitoes
c) All aquatic insects
d) All insects living in ultra cold temperature

26. The body temperature of insects normally follows closely the temperature of the surroundings and hence it is termed as
a) Hyperthermic
b) Warm blooded
c) Cold hardiness

27. Cold hardiness in insects is enabled due to 
a) Poikilothermic nature 
b) Polyhydroxyl substances like trehalose 
c) Hydroxyl substances like alcohols
d) Cryoprotectants which evaporate at low temperature 

28. In most' insects, the concentration of trehalose in the haemolymph is
a) Dynamic but not related to the glycogen in the fat body
b) Constant and in dynamic equilibrium with glycogen in fat body
c) Always stable, never related to any activity 
d) Constant but not related to the glycogen in fat body.

29. Much of endocuticle formation, tanning and wax formation in insects is essentially part of 
a) Pre-ecdysis
b) Moulting/ecdysis
c) Post ecdysis
d) Metamorphosis

30. The classic "Mosaic theory' of insect vision was propounded by
a) V.B. Wigglesworth (1965)
b) Von Frisch (1967)
c) Wehner and Bernard (1980)
d) Muller (1829)

31. Widely distributed form of proprioreceptors of chordotonal nature in insect is
a) Scolopidia
b) Companiform sensiila
c) Sensiila trichoidea
d) Trichogen/generative hair cell

32. DDT was synthesized by
a) Zeldler, 1874
b) Paul Muller, 1939
c) Schrader, 1941
d) Aucante, 1954

33. The chemical converted to cholesterol in higher animals and JH in insects in
a) . Paraterpenoid
b) Farnesyl pyrophosphate
c) Bacterial endochitinase
d) Histidine

34. Caudal breathing tube is the characteristic feature of
a) Notonectidae
b) Nepidae
c) Corixidae
d) Naucoridae

35. Name the chemical spray used in identification of amino acids:
a) Phenol
b) Ninhydrin
c) Iodine
d) Butanol

36. Bunchy top in sugarcane is formed by
a) Child auricillus
b) Scirpophaga excerptalis
c) Melanopsis glomeratd
d) Child infuscatellus

37. Droplet size In ultra low volume (ULV) spraying varies from
a) 0.5 - 15 microns
b) 30 -150 microns
c) 250 - 350 microns
d) 500 - 600 microns

38. Androconia found in wings of certain insects are
a) Specialized scales
b) Bristles
c) Spots
d) Specialized glands

39. In regular distribution of an insect species, which of the following holds true?
a) Variance equal to mean density 
b) Variance greater than mean
c) Variance less than mean
d) Variance and mean are above SD

40. Honey bee venom contains
a) Melitinin
b) Kinins
c) Scierotin
d) Arthropodin

41. Muscardine disease in silkworm is caused by 
a) Nosema bombycis
b) Beauveria bassiana
c) Bacillus bombysepticus
d) Beauveria muscardina

42. Destructive Insect Pest Act (D1PA) was first passed in
a) 1914
b) 1920
c) 1937
d) 1968

43. Among the following, which is the best suited for bee culture?
a) Apis dorsata and Apis mellifera 
b) Apis florea
c) Apis cerana indica
d) Millpona mellifera

44. Female aphids that produce eggs after mating
a) Fundatrix
b) Vivipara
c) Ovipara
d) Virginopara 

45. The mean azadirachtin content of neem seed kernels by weight
a) 0.3%
b) 0.6%
c) 0.03%
d) 0.06%

46. Suborder Caelifera is distinguished from Ensifera based on
a) Enlarged hind femur and short antenna
b) Enlarged hind femur and long antenna
c) Elongate antenna
d) Forceps like ovipositor

47. Cells of haemolymph that take up foreign chemicals of high molecular weight
a) Nephrocytes
b) Oenocytes
c) Phagocytes
d) Nidi cells

48. The first systemic organophosphate produced is
b) Methyl parathion
c) Schradan
d) Ethyl parathion

49. Polyhedra of the baculoviruses are of the size of
a) 1-15 µm
b) 15-30 pm
c) 1-15 nm
d) 15-30 nm

50. Economic Injury Level as defined by an integrated pest management worker is the level at which
a) Damage can no longer be tolerated
b) Damage can be tolerated
c) Loss is less than cost of control
d) Control measures must be stopped