IBM Interview Experience Contributed by Seethu kumar updated on Jun 2019


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Hi Friends,


My name is Seethu Kumar. IBM had visited our college on Nov 18th 2014 for campus recruitment.First of all, I would like to say that I'm very much we proud to be an IBMer.


i. Round 1



It was quite medium with 2minutes 15 seconds for each question with 30seconds break after each question.Among those who got16 cleared aptitude round.Once you cleared this round your 90% selected.


Round 2


Communication Round

The second round was communication round for just checking your fluency in English.Among 16- 11 were selected me also.


Round 3 

Then final round was HR round.The HR officials were so friendly and they take too much time to interview this round.If you enter this round you are 95% selected.Finally among 12 at last 10 were selected.I'm one among them.

My advice is that be confident.You can easily crack.

All the best......