IARI Question-Paper Contributed by Tony updated on May 2019

                                  IARI Placement paper - General Agriculture

1. Highest procurement of wheat in 2009 was________Million tonne
(A) 12 
(B) 17.8
(C) 20.9 
(D) 59.9

2. Contribution of agriculture to GDP is
(A) 12
(B) 22
(C) 30 
(D) 40

3. IVLP stands for
(A) Integrated Village Linkage Programme
(B) Institute Village Linkage Programme
(C) Intensive Village Linkage Programme
(D) Indian Village Linkage Programme

4. Which one of these is major constituent of poultry feed?
(B) Wheat
(D) Sorghum

5. In binomial distribution
(A) Mean > variance 
(B) Mean< Variance
(C) Mean= Variance 
(D) Mean >Variance

6. Bordeaux mixture is
(A) Insecticide 
(B) Pesticide
(C) Fungicide 
(D) Herbicide

7. Which of the following is used to turn over the soil?
(A) Khurpi 
(B) Harrowing
(C) Desi plough 
(D) Mould bould plough

8. NBFGR-National Bureau for Fish Genetic Resource is situated at
(A) Mumbai 
(B) Lucknow
(C) Cochin 
(D) Kolkata

9. Which of the following is not bio-control agent?
(B) Bt
(C) Xanthomonas 
(D) Trichogramma

10. Which of the following is complex fertilizer?
(A) Potassium sulphate 
(B) Urea ammonium Phosphate
(C) Ammonium sulphate 
(D) Calcium ammonium Nitrate

11. Soil having ESP (Exchangeable Sodium Percentage) greater than 15 are
(A) Saline soils 
(B) Alkali soil
(C) Acid soils 
(D) None of these

12. Rain, mist, fog and cloud all these phenomena occurs in
(A) Troposphere 
(B) Stratosphere
(C) Ionosphere 
(D) Mesosphere

13. Farming system is
(A) Cropping system 
(B) Cropping pattern
(C) Organic farming 
(D) All agril. Inputs and commodities

14. Which nutrient helps in Biological Nitrogen Fixation?
(A) N 
(B) P
(C) Mo 
(D) B

15. Silt is intermediate between
(A) Sand and clay 
(B) Clay loam and clay
(C) Loam and clay 
(D) None of these

16. First CO2 acceptor in C-3 pathway
(A) RuBP carboxylase 
(B) PEP carboxylase
(C) PEP decarboxylase 
(D) Proteinase

17. From 1960’s onward which of the following operation is in effect for milk?
(A) Operation flood 
(B) Green revolution
(C) Yellow revolution 
(D) None of these

18. CIMMYT works on
(A) Rice and wheat 
(B) Maize and wheat
(C) Wheat 
(D) Rice and maize

19. Which of the following is highly salt tolerant fruit crop?
(A) Date palm 
(B) Mango
(C) Apple 
(D) Citrus

20. Price fixed by government recently for agricultural products
(A) Minimum support price 
(B) Retail price
(C) Wholesale price 
(D) Procurement price

21. If farmer has only one irrigation is available for wheat crop, at which stage it is recommended
(A) CRI 
(B) Booting stage
(C) Tillering stage 
(D) Milking stage

22. Disease occurring regularly in the same area is called as
(A) Sporadic 
(B) Endemic
(C) Epidemic 
(D) None of these

23. Which of the following is essential component of nucleic acid and protein?
(A) N 
(B) P
(C) S 
(D) Mg

24. Widely cultivated wheat species in India after T. durum
(A) T. diococcum 
(B) T. monococcum
(C) T. speltoids 
(D) Aegilops squarossa

25. Banana is
(A) Autotriploid 
(B) Autotetraploid
(C) Allotriploid 
(D) Allotetraploid

26. Which crop in India has maximum area under irrigation?
(A) Rice 
(B) Wheat
(C) Cotton 
(D) Maize

27. Which of the following is not found in plant cell?
(A) Starch 
(B) Glucose
(C) Glycogen 
(D) Fructose

28. Family of cotton is
(A) Gramineae 
(B) Malvaceae
(C) Rutaceae 
(D) Chenopodiaceae

29. Certified seed is produced from
(A) Breeder seed 
(B) Nucleus seed
(C) Foundation seed 
(D) Truthful seed

30. In prophase which is correct
(A) Elongated threads like chromosome
(B) Darkly stained shorter chromosome
(C) Chromatics are more condensed
(D) Pairing of the chromosome