IARI Placement Paper Contributed by Gowri updated on May 2019

                             IARI Previous Paper - General Agriculture (Paper I)

1. Study of fresh water is called
(A) Limnology 
(B) Sinecology
(C) Hydrology 
(D) Hydrometeorology

2. The GM crops has highest area in order of preference
(A) Insecticide then herbicide resistance 
(B) Herbicide then Insecticide resistance
(C) Insecticide then virus resistance 
(D) Herbicide then viroids resistance

3. “AADHAAR” indicates
(A) Unique Identification card 
(B) FCI buffer stock
(C) Maximum Support Price 
(D) Commission on Agriculture Cost and Price

4. Artificial bacteria culture is developed by
(A) Dr. Kraig Ventor 
(B) Dr. Beijirinkia
(C) Dr. Jenial James 
(D) Dr. Lewis Pasture

5. Blue tag in insecticide is for indication of
(A) High toxicity 
(B) Toxicity free
(C) Moderate toxicity 
(D) Slight toxicity

6. Which one is Indian origin fruit crop?
(A) Jackfruit 
(B) Ber
(C) Sapota 
(D) Mango

7. For virus free seed use
(A) Meristem tip 
(B) Root tip
(C) Leaf tip 
(D) Shoot tip

8. Legume crop is recommended NPK dose of
(A) 4:2:1 
(B) 1:2:2
(C) 4:2:2 
(D) 1:2:4

9. Which variety of rice is known for longest seed length?
(A) Pusa-1121 
(B) Pusa-2212
(C) IR-36 
(D) Jaya

10. Which one is neutral fertilizer?
(A) CAN 
(B) Urea
(C) DAP 

11. Calculate the amount of urea for applying 50 kg N2
(A) 100 kg 
(B) 109 kg
(C) 50 kg 
(D) 119 kg

12. ELISA test is used to detecting
(A) Insect 
(B) Virus
(C) Nematodes 
(D) Fungi

13. Common bee species cultivated worldwide is
(A) Apis flora 
(B) Apis dorsata
(C) Apis cerana indica 
(D) Apis melifera

14. Murate of Potash is also known as
(A) HCl 
(B) NaCl
(C) KCL 
(D) NH4Cl

15. Which organelle is involved in root gravity pool?
(A) Amyloplast 
(B) Mitochondria
(C) Nucleus 
(D) Chloroplast

16. White bud of maize is due to
(A) Mn 
(B) Zn
(C) Cu 
(D) Mo

17. Mobility stage of seed is due to
(A) ABA 
(B) GA
(C) IAA 
(D) Ethylene

18. For which crop Genome is not sequenced
(A) Papaya 
(B) Mango
(C) Sapota 
(D) Rice

19. GDP of agriculture in 2008-09 at constant rate of 2004-05
(A) 17.1 % 
(B) 22%
(C) 10 % 
(D) 26%

20. Current rate of fertilizer consumption in India is
(A) 128 kg/ha 
(B) 148 kg/ha
(C) 138 kg/ha 
(D) 158 kg/ha

21. Area under transgenic crop in India, 2008-09
(A) 8.4 Mha 
(B) 4.4 Mha
(C) 2.4 Mha 
(D) 10.4 Mha

22. Which one is not measure of central tendency?
(A) Mean 
(B) Median
(C) Mode 
(D) Mean deviation

23. Which one is not measure of dispersion?
(A) Range 
(B) Standard deviation
(C) Mean 
(D) Coefficient of variance

24. Ear cockle disease is due to
(A) Heterodera avenae 
(B) Ditylenchus angustus
(C) Anguina tritici 
(D) Meloidogyne inocognita

25. Support price fixed on the recommendation of
(C) Ministry of Agriculture 

26. The correlation coefficient will be negative when
(A) x increase and y decrease 
(B) x decrease and y increase
(C) x increase and y increase 
(D) x decrease and y decrease

27. Phalaris minor of what crop controlled by
(A) 2, 4-D 
(B) Metrabuzin
(C) Pendemethlin 
(D) Atrazine

28. Crops Grown on between two main crops is called
(A) Intercrops 
(B) Row crops
(C) Trap crops 
(D) Mixed crops

29. Which one is the source variety of resistant for stem borer, BLB and Blast of rice
(A) IR 22 
(B) IR 36
(C) IR 24 
(D) Pusa Basmati

30. Vitamin B1 is also known as
(A) Thiamin 
(B) Calciferol
(C) Retinol 
(D) Riboflavin