Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited Question-Paper Contributed by Libi John updated on May 2019


HPCL Mechanical engineering questions with answers

1. Two identical containers hold two different ideal gases, X andY at the same temperature. The number of moles of each gas is the same. The molecular mass of gas X is twice that of gas Y .The ratio of the pressure of X to that of Y is

(A) 12
(B) 1
(C)√ 2
(D) 2
(E) 4


2. The temperature of an ideal gas is directly proportional to which of the following?

(A) Average translational kinetic energy of the molecules
(B) Average velocity of the molecules
(C) Average potential energy of the molecules
(D) Average momentum of the molecules
(E) None of the above






5. Materials which can store electrical energy are called

(A) magnetic materials.
(B) semi conductors.
(C) dielectric materials.
(D) super conductors.
Ans: C


6. ACSR (Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced) are used as

(A) over head transmission lines.
(B) super conductors.
(C) fuse
(D) underground cables.
Ans: A


7. A brittle material has:

(A) Large plastic zone
(B) No plastic zone
(C) No elastic zone
(D) Very little elastic zone.

Answer: (B)


8. The maximum shear strain occurs on:
(A) 90° with principal planes
(B) 45° with principal planes
(C) Principal planes
(D) Independent of the principal planes.
Answer: (B)


9. With rise in gas temperature, dynamic viscosity
of most of the gases,
(A) Increases
(B) Decreases
(C) Does not change significantly.
(D) None of the above
Answer: (A)






12. If the liquid fuel is highly viscous, the action required for proper burning in boiler is:

(B). Cooling
(C). Mixing
(D). Freezing


13. Moisture, ash content, volatile matter and fixed carbon are measured for coal as part of:

(A). Proximate analysis
(B). Ultimate analysis
(C). Proximate and utlimate analysis
(D). None of the above



14. What are the dimensions of kinematic viscosity of a fluid?

(A) LT-2
(B) L2T-1
(C) ML-1T-1



15. For a Newtonian fluid

(A) Shear stress is proportional to shear strain
(B) Rate of shear stress is proportional to shear strain
(C) Shear stress is proportional to rate of shear strain
(D) Rate of shear stress is proportional to rate of shear strain


16. Forecasts used for new product planning, capital expenditures, facility location or expansion, and R&D typically utilize a

(A). short-range time horizon
(B). medium-range time horizon
(C). long-range time horizon
(D). naive method, because there is no data history
(E). all of the above


17. If two variables were perfectly correlated, the correlation coefficient r would equal

(A). 0
(B). less than 1
(C). exactly 1
(D). -1 or +1
(E). greater than 1


18. The specific speed of a hydro turbine depends on

(A).Actual speed
(B).Head of operation
(C).Output power
(D).Actual speed ,head of operation & output power

19. Governor is used with the steam turbine to regulate
(A).Steam temperature
(B).Steam pressure
(C).Power output


20. Increasing the number of periods in a moving average will accomplish greater smoothing, but at the expense of

(A). manager understanding
(B). accuracy
(C). stability
(D). responsiveness to changes