Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited Candidate-Experiences Contributed by VINAY updated on Aug 2019



Today I appeared for my HPCL IT officers exam held on 12-Aug-2012 at Pune.

The exam was pretty  similar to other PSU exams and very much according to the syllabus mentioned at its HPCL website.


Exam pattern was as follows :

Time : 2 HRS and 150 Questions for IT officers and other streams have 170 Questions to answer

Divisions of Questions:

60 Questions were general appti, English,Reasoning ,DI, Puzzles

Topics touched in these 60 Question :

ü  Comprehension passage

ü  Sentence Reaarangement

ü  Synonyms

ü  Use of Prepositions\Articles

ü  Reasoning

ü  Image Series Completion

ü  Profit\Loss

ü  Work and Time

ü  Speed and distance

ü  Data interpretation

ü  Simple maths questions.


Tip to prepare : Pick any book of sample paper and make up your speed for these. No special and complex questions asked.


90 Questions were core-Technical, as Mine stream was of Computers so following are the topics from which we get the questions.


40 Questions from Programming like what would be the output of the code.


Tip : Prepare for the basic programming only.


Other 50 Questions from following topics :


Window and OS basics

Networking Basics

Firewall Basics

Unix\Linux commands

DB queries


Cloud computing topics as per the syllabus  like New developments in IT Cloud Computing/Cloud Storage

New developments in IT Cloud Computing/Deployment models

Computing/Deployment models

New developments in IT Cloud Computing/Hoblink

New developments in IT Cloud Computing/WTS


Questions were very straight forwards as per the syllabus mentioned on the site