How much salary do you expect updated on May 2019

How much salary do you expect

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How much salary do you expect?

Remember these guidelines:

Never bring up salary. Let the interviewer do it first.

Make the interviewer want you first, and your bargaining position will be much stronger.

To know what’s reasonable salary rate, research the job market and this position for any relevant salary information.

Never lie about what you currently make, but feel free to include the estimated cost of all your fringes


If your interviewer raises the salary question too early, before you’ve had a chance to create desire for your qualifications, postpone the question, saying something like, “Money is important to me, but is not my main concern. Opportunity and growth are far more important. What I’d rather do, if you don’t mind, is explore if I’m right for the position, and then talk about money. Would that be okay?”


Or, “I want an income commensurate with my ability and qualifications. I trust you’ll be fair with me. What does the position pay?” Or, more simply, “What does this position pay?”