HLL Lifecare Limited Aptitude Questions Contributed by Arjun updated on Aug 2019

HLL Life care Limited provides a wide range of contraceptives, healthcare and pharmacy products, globally. It is a public sector enterprise under the ministry of Health and Family Welfare. As you want to get the HLL Lifecare Limited Management Trainee model question papers so here it is for you:

                                 HLL Lifecare Limited Placement Paper

1. The average age of husband, wife and their child 3 years ago was 27 years and that of wife and the child 5 years ago was 20 years. The present age of the husband is: 
a) 35 years 
b) 40 years 
c) 50 years
d) Data inadequate 
e) None of these

2. A rectangular courty 3.78 metres long and 5.25 metres wide is to be paved exactly with square tiles, all of the same size. What is the largest size of the tile which could be used for the purpose?
a) 14 cms 
b) 21 cms 
c) 42 cms
d) Data inadequate 
e) None of these

3. Murugan, Prasanna and Arun invested Rs.8000, Rs.4000 and Rs.8000 respectively in a business. Arun left after six months. If after eight months, there was a gain of Rs.4005, then what will be
the share of Prasanna?
a) Rs.890 
b) Rs.1335 
c) Rs.1602
d) Rs.1780 
e) None of these

4. In how many ways a committee, consisting of 5 men and 6 women can be formed from 8 men and 10 women?
a) 266 
b) 5040 
c) 11760
d) 86400 
e) None of these

5. In a lottery, there are 10 prizes and 25 blanks. A lottery is drawn at random. What is the probability of getting a prize?
a) 1/10 
b) 2/5 
c) 2/7
d) 5/7 
e) None of these

6. A man is 24 years older than his son. In two years, his age will be twice the age of his son. The present age of the son is
a) 14 years 
b) 18 years 
c) 20 years
d) 22 years 
e) None of these

7. A shopkeeper expects a gain of 22-1/2% on his cost price. If in a week, his sale was of Rs.392,what was his profit?
a) Rs.18.20 
b) Rs.70 
c) Rs.72
d) Rs.88.25 
e) None of these

8. A boy goes to his school from his house at a speed of 3 km./hr and return at a speed of 2 km./hr. If he takes 5 hours in going and coming, the distance between his house and school is
a) 5 km 
b) 5.5 km 
c) 6 km
d) 6.5 km 
e) None of these

9. A can do a certain work in the same time in which B and C together can do it. If A and B together could do it in 10 days and C alone in 50 days, then B alone could do it in:
a) 15 days 
b) 20 days 
c) 25 days
d) 30 days 
e) None of these

10. A man can cover a distance in 1hr 24min by covering 2/3 of the distance at 4 km/h and the rest at 5km/h. The total distance is
a) 5km
b) 6km
c) 7km
d) 8km

11. If 10, 12 and ‘x’ are sides of an acute angled triangle, how many integer values of ‘x’ are possible?
a) 7 
b) 12 
c) 9
d) 13 
e) 11

12. A man can row upstream at 7 kmph and downstream at 10 kmph. Find man’s rate in still water and the rate of current?
a) 6.5, 1.2 km/hr 
b) 8.5, 1.5 km/hr 
c) 1.5, 1.6 km/hr
d) 7.5, 1.8 km/hr 
e) None of these

13. Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 20 and 30 minutes respectively. If both the pipes are used together, then how long will it take to fill the tank ?
a) 12 min 
b) 15 min 
c) 25 min
d) 50 min 
e) None of these

14. A lent Rs. 5000 to B for 2 years and Rs. 3000 to C for 4 years on simple interest at the same rate of interest and received Rs. 2200 in all from both of them as interest. The rate of interest per
annum is:
a) 5% 
b) 7% 
c) 7 1/8%
d) 10% 
e) None of these

15. An agent gets a commission of 2.5% on the sales of cloth. If on a certain day, he gets Rs.12.50 as commission, the cloth sold through him on that day is worth
a) Rs.250 
b) Rs.500 
c) Rs.750
d) Rs.1250 
e) None of these

16. A camel pursue an elephant and takes 5 leaps for every 7 leaps of the elephant, but 5 leaps of  elephant are equal to 3 leaps of camel. What is the ratio of speeds of camel and elephant? 
a) 21 : 25 
b) 24 : 23 
c) 25 : 21
d) 23 : 24 
e) None of these

17. A, B and C jointly thought of engaging themselves in a business venture. It was agreed that A  would invest Rs. 6500 for 6 months, B, Rs. 8400 for 5 months and C, Rs. 10,000 for 3 months. A wants to be the working member for which, he was to receive 5% of the profits. The profit earned  was Rs. 7400. Calculate the share of B in the profit. 
a) Rs. 1900 
b) Rs. 2660 
c) Rs. 2800
d) Rs. 2840 
e) None of these

18. The cost of carpeting a room 18 m long with a carpet 75 cm wide at Rs.4.50 per metre is Rs.810. The breadth of the room is :
a) 7 m 
b) 7.5 m 
c) 8 m
d) 8.5 m 
e) None of these

19. A Students was asked to find the arithmetic mean of the numbers 3, 11, 7, 9, 15, 13, 8, 19, 17,21, 14 and x. He found the mean to be 12. What should be the number in place of x?
a) 3 
b) 7 
c) 17
d) 31 
e) None of these

20. Which of the following is a pair of co-primes?
a) (16, 62) 
b) (18, 25) 
c) (21, 35)
d) (23, 92) 
e) None of these