Headstrong Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Varun updated on Nov 2019

                                         Headstrong - Candidate's Experience


Hi Friends !!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Varun. I hav attended the online test of Headstrong for the post of Management Trainee.

The paper was for 160 marks.
20-quant n aptitude
20-simple English(correction of sentence, one passage etc)
120-branch related

I gave the paper for Mechanical branch.

quant was easy n aptitude was also very easy. In quant mainly the questions r frm averages, percentags, profit n loss etc..

They concentrated mostly on "tenses" and one passage is given, it is also easy.

Some gk qs were also given like,
1. who played the role of Gandhi in the movie Mahatma Gandhi?
2. wht is Infosys Narayan Murty's first job?

I felt it a bit tough but nothing to worry. just go thru the formulae. there are theory based qs also. mainly the questions r from theory of m/c design, thermodynamics exp frm gears they asked around 10q's. so, u feel comfort if u r technically good.