HindustanAeronauticsLtd. Interview-other Contributed by Sruthi updated on May 2019


Hi Friends, I have appeared for HAL written test in the month of May 2008 taking Bangalore as a centre. My test was of 2.5 Hrs, total 156 questions were there. Most of the questions were from Technical (Mechanical). Other questions were from General knowledge, Quantitative aptitude & General English.
Now I don't remember all  the exact questions even though I am trying my best.
1)  General Knowledge
1)  Who built the Konark temple?
2)  Who won the Football world cup?
3)  Which was the venue for 14th SAARC summit?
4)  Which is the capital of North Korea?
5)  Which is the venue for next Football World cup?
Total 10 questions were there in this section.

2) General English.
The questions in this section were easy. Just u have to select the right word. If u prepare well from any of the books, this section is very easy.

3) Quantitative Aptitude
The questions in this section were from ratio and proportion, simple interest, age etc. Total 10 questions were there in this section.

4)  Technical (Mechanical)
Almost over 100 questions were there from this section.
1)  The unit of surface tension?  N/m option was not there.
2)  Nichrome is an alloy of?
3)  Why desert coolers are not used in winter season?
4)  The principle of Brinell Hardness testing?
5)  The gear used for Non Parallel, non intersecting shafts?
6)  Which process is widely used for the manufacture of gears?
Some of the questions were from thermodynamics, Mechanics of materials, Theory of machines and  Manufacturing Technology.

I just was to tell u that have your basics clear. You would be able to clear this test easily. Have faith in yourself and in Almighty.ALL THE BEST. Thanks a lot